Friday, August 5, 2011


somehow The Script never fails to make me cry with their songs.


Ever since yesterday after school, I felt so sophisticated. I managed to finish Memoirs of a Geisha and then finished up my homework. it was a miracle. that night I got ready for school even before I went for tarawikh (which I missed the two nights before because of homework), so when I got back home I just went straight to sleep. so today I didn't feel as sleepy as usual! kekeke.

the thing is, I will forever be sleepy when I enter the car. I can't stop myself from dozing off in a moving vehicle unless you talk to me.

until this morning and we had to collect our ko-ku marks... it was just the worst. I hate queuing up in that type of mess. plus I still get a B after going to Singapore for Girl Guides (because I didn't come for three meetings T_T). well a B's a B. even if I got an A for that my overall marks would still be a B.

so. the fasting month had been okay. I really hope it's slimming me down one way or another. I don't wanna be fat for Raya.

Okay so I've been avoiding this topic actually but Abang is moving out today. Tomorrow they're gonna have doa selamat + buka puasa at their new house. mom told me I should make custards cuz I learned how to make them the other day. really wanna experiment, but after Googling some recipes, I give up. maybe this isn't the time, what with the fasting and all.

The other day I went for BI - Geo on Wednesday 4-6, just trying out new things and trying to forget old stuff.   so when we walked back home we passed by the bazaar I went to buy caramel pudding which is one of my favourite desserts (After bread pudding, of course :9 ) and Ida was talking bout the guy teachers at our school, namely the practical teacher Mr. Tim and our young Chinese teacher Mr. Yap.

Idah said that Mr. Tim, who's doing his practical and came from USA, is really funny. I've been wanting him to substitute our class ever since I saw him waiting for 3A to come back to class - meaning he's gonna enter our class at least once. then we noticed a pattern - Monday, he entered 3A, Tuesday he went for 3B, then on Wednesday he entered 3C. I didn't noticed if he entered 3D yesterday, but probably because of our short learning hours today, he didn't enter our class as we expected. Divya said she'd do anything to ask him to stay, which is just so wrong if you think about it.

then we talked about how cute Mr. Yap is when he smiles, and how hard it is to see that happen. I remember there was this one time En. Alias took a picture of him and he smiled and showed a peace sign, and we were all cheering when it was showed on a slideshow. he is just the neardiest person I've ever known, but you can't deny he has a nice smile.

oh yeah, on Tuesday I stayed back for Japanese, and Shahira and Zalikha didn't come T T well at least when I sit with Yen Fern and Eva I don't feel as stupid. then after class we went to water YenF and Eva's 'baby'. see LP3K's (whom Eva is one of) have to plant trees or something of that sort. so yeah. they still strained that I should marry Iman, so we practiced breaking up with Sammie (which didn't turn out much). but good thing I asked Iman if she would marry me and she said no, so I didn't break up with Sammie yet.

next topic; coffee.

mainly, I don't like the black coffee, where they don't put milk. the milk makes it much better, if not it's too bitter. so mom made one of those milk coffees before tarawikh last night, and I drank some of it so that I won't feel too sleepy while praying (and it worked! :D). Ayah scolded me and said I'm too young for coffee. sometimes I wonder if he thinks I'm still a kid. guys are still kids at the age of fifteen, girls are mature enough when they're fifteen. I wonder if his way of thinking is like this because he had two sons before me and they still acted like little kids at the age of fifteen. heh.

there's this song 'Like a Man' that I keep listening to at JK Hits but I keep missing the singer name.


Jonghyun Fun Fact : The song that he's most satisfied with is Lie.

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