Sunday, August 14, 2011

supa luuv~

-currently waiting for Bakery Attack to load-

Hmm, IDK what this is, but it involves CN BLUE so why not? :D
...the comments say that Jonghyun is hot... hehehehehhe idk whether to feel jealous that others had seen his hotness and not me or proud to idolize someone so hot.

well trials are coming this Thursday. taking a break (from studying very not-seriously) before I go to sleep. because of the trials, I've decided to go for Monday 4-6 Sej BM class because BM is on Thursday and Sejarah is on Friday. Sya told me that Ashraf goes for 4-6 on Monday. not. my point. I'm going there to study, not look at boys -determined- dahlah bulan Ramadan.
Khairun will pick me up and Ika and Sya said they'll come, so at least I won't be alone :)

I have my whole studying schedule set up, even what I'm gonna after the whole thing's done (ie. continue watching You're My Oppa and ask for memory card from parents. THEY PROMISED.)

wish me luck on studying! I wanna do good this time.


from the movie! XD

hahahahha scary dowh.

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