Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm breaking my hiatus- get ready!!!

okay, so I broke my hiatus T__T not proud of myself. I can't believe I'm doing this, I should just go offline, but I really really can't stand it anymore. no, I cannot live with keeping all my secrets in a little book called a diary. after letting my old friend Hanis all my latest updates, I realized how much criticism I actually need in my life. not that Hanis gave any criticism at all, or even any real opinions, but that's exactly my point. I can't tell everything that's going on in my life to someone who doesn't really bother. Not that many of my readers who respond really bother themselves, they mostly respond to the more minor points of my posts, like Yen Fern, who can't really think of any opinions about my life. But then I know that there's silent readers like Laila who really, have opinions, and is ready to attack me with criticism at any time, but she doesn't want to because its better to be silent.

but thing is, I would love to have criticism you guys. do you guys know who gets the limelight every time? the ones who more than 50% of people don't really like much.

lol okay that just means that I want attention. yes, I do actually; as a teen I feel like I have the right to have the longing of attention. but that does not mean I should steal everyone's limelight, no. so I shall leave it to you guys if you want to comment or not.

Plus, I should be happy that I don't have a lot of comments, cuz that means not that many people hate you. as much as I love everyone who doesn't hate me, I'd still appreciate a bit of drama in life. thanks.

lol just kidding. who wants to cut themselves and bleed till death? not me.

so as a nerdy nerd that I am who blabbers on stuff that people don't really bother reading or listening to, I shall blabber on about my life.

heh. I got 6A's for trials, and my two B's were BM and BI. I know I should be happy and work just a little harder so that I can score, but I'm here spending my time procrastinating, worried I won't be able to keep my grades stable or improve but not doing anything about it. plus I am also worried about my piano lessons. my theory exam is in November and at this rate, I'll never pass. my practical on the other hand, I'm happy to say that I'm progressing (though slowly, I'm still progressing. I want to get at least credit, but distinction would be AWESOME). but I'm still slacking off and not writing my summary, which is where I'm lacking in practical, but that's in December so that can be set aside for a while.
Ms. Shalyn, can you let me get through my PMR exam before starting on the past year questions? PLEEEASSEE??

so that's education wise. next is love life. hah. like i have one. Kak Ain would call my 'love life' "Cinta Monyet", which, I have to agree with her. lol.
so ever since Andrew changed the classes I've been seeing Asyraf a WHOLE lot more now <3 oh yea, did I tell you it's actually spelt with a 'y' not a 'h'? THIS MATTERS, since there's so many asyrafs out there.. I even saw his writing.. and is it just me, or his writing looks a lot like my brother's? O.O
so nothing really happened, nothing really worth talking about. I mean, I haven't actually talked to him. we're still complete strangers. BUT, whatever happens in the last six classes we're gonna be together, I'm determined to ask for his FB e-mail on the last day.. means the next next Thursday.. the Thursday before PMR week.. can't wait.

next, social life wise. umm, I told Pumpkin that I stalked her. we're still not really friends, but hey, anything could happen from that moment I put my hands on her shoulder and said 'I ssstalkked you' that Wednesday afternoon. why do I say so? cuz things did happen. Eva told me she won't be able to compose a song for Hubble (did I tell you we changed the group name? simply cuz Ika and Ida saw a hair product named 'Hair Care 101' advertisement and can't stand the thought of it being our group name) if she didn't know what the song was about, so she told me to write the lyrics, and amazingly, I got inspiration immediately after. so the next two hours I spent trying to find the write words for this song. and by the end of the day, I handed it in to Eva.
when she got the lyrics she said 'Okay I'll discuss it with Pumpkin now' and I'm like WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY.

now, how can I explain this situation? I sort of wanted Pumpkin to help us compose a song anyway, but I never actually asked her. Eva said that Pumpkin heard me talking about it and Eva started telling Pumpkin everything about Hubble (I suppose, her part of the story ain't that clear) and Eva said they both think that they should get paid for composing. I'm not sure if she's joking, but if she isn't, I'm very disappointed with her.
but, how can I say this? Wye Mei warned me that Eva's songs are all very cute - not that it's a bad thing, but really its doesn't suit Hubble. not that we don't like the cute concept, but we're not like Girl's Day or ChocOlat or any of those rookie girl groups who make money off making tremendously cute faces throughout their whole MV. we don't suit the cute image. so I'm sort of happy Pumpkin would be helping us - at least its that bit less cute (Eva says that Pumpkin's songs are emo).
so, really, I got myself into a risky situation here. I mean I'm not sure if they're sincerely helping me out here, out just eyeing the cash that I don't have for them. can't wait for Monday so that I can ask them betul-betul.

I pun satu punya hal - mintak tolong orang macam semua benda free je. Rase bersalah pulak. what if they don't ask for money? then I'll be owing them something else -  a favour.

okay done with that. lets talk about health. I have been coughing a lot lately. hoping that I get well soon - I don't want sore throat during recording. I've been using toner lately so I got less zits.. hopefully this lasts. have been trying to workout tapi matilah nak study pun I can't find the time nak workout lagi. this is the first night for quite sometime that I'm sleeping after 12. I know cuz I want to do my piano homework (due tomorrow 8.30 am) after this but I don't think I'll succeed. I think I grew 0.5 cm. hopefully. I find it hard to wash my hair during weekdays recently, so I wash my hair as much as I can now during weekends. I wanna cut it after PMR. I'm thinking, really really short layered hair. I like how I look with layered hair. don't know how I'll manage what with my tudung and all that.

p.s, who knows the title of the BM cover of Winter Sonata's theme song? :O

-back on hiatus-

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