Saturday, September 24, 2011

things you should know before PMR starts.

No PMR is not this Tuesday. I'm just really bad at focusing on studying, what with my brother's laptop vacant and all.

1. I cannot study during weekends. really, my parents are treating me too lightly. not only are they bringing me all over Selangor for kenduris and shit (mind my French) when probably some of my friends are locked up in their rooms, their eyes swollen from all the reading. even now they're hurrying me. But then even if I stay home, I can't study. if I try to lock myself in my room, I'll start thinking about other crap like Hubble and Asyraf Suhaimi and people I stalk. it's really disturbing.

BTW I'm daring myself to NOT talk about Hubble to my friends at all this whole week and during the first week of PMR. if I catch myself talking about Hubble, I am not allowing myself to go to the outing Eva planned with Shikaku and Hubble on the Saturday of the second week of PMR. wish me luck. I really want to go for that outing cuz we're planning it to be at Times Square and I literally have never been to Times Square before.

2. I only have two classes of tuition left. I thought it was three, but then I saw the schedule again while cleaning my room (a.k.a. procrastinating) and I was wrong. Means I have to make a move about Asyraf Suhaimi soon. the fact that he waits at the bus stop these days are an advantage to me, but I start thinking about what ifs, and crap and gaargh. just, wish me luck, again.

I'm gonna miss Khairun, really, but since she's a pal we'll definitely meet again in an outing soon, right? :'( gonna miss Khairun. sigh.

3. I feel like everyone is feeling the pressure other than me. I can't make a list of stuff that I should focus on for PMR because I basically feel like I'm on the edge for every subject. Except maths. pfft.


P.S, I love this phrase by Eva : Shikaku ultimate full power ultra kau kau hypersonic maximized STUDY TIME. OMG.

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