Thursday, October 6, 2011

i don't even know.

...I can't even think about PMR right now, this moment here is the moment for me to express whatever I have felt for the past 20 minutes. and maybe a week plus ago.

Asyraf Suhaimi. I removed my blog URL from my Facebook so that you won't be able to find it and discover my fangirl-ness. I talked to you on Monday, asking for your FB email, but instead you gave me your name, which I knew and searched and couldn't find (bcuz you kindly put a profile picture that clearly wasn't you) but in the end I found you (cuz apparently then you changed your profile picture again, wheepee) and when I added you I got excited and kept checking my FB just in case you accepted but then a thunder struck around my housing area and burnt the modem so the next day I asked Kak Ain to check my FB for me (which reminds me, I should probably change my password now) and she told me you accepted and I can't stop smiling ever since then till I told my friends, and I stopped smiling when I answered for PMR. I went through every test, thinking bout you and writing your name on each of my paper (until this one ustazah who was the examiner noticed it and I tried to stop so that she wouldnt judge me.. menjatuhkan nama budak Sri Aman je), and I waited for this day, that I planned since, I dunno, Wednesday? to go to my mom's office and stalk your Facebook profile.

now, all I have to do is wait. wait for you to come online.
no I'm not gonna share what I've found through the stalking to you guys, that's totally private and totally up to me to judge and keep it to myself cuz its my opinion. my opinion could turn into someone else's opinion if they don't come to the point of creating their own opinions through drastic actions, like stalking him ourself, which I highly do NOT recommend. don't go to my profile, click friends and search up Asyraf Suhaimi. just don't, okay? okay well you can do that just to see how he looks like (NEGATIVE he changed his profile picture again) but yea.

I can give a conclusion on what type of person he is though.
Normal. Likes to play online games. Mixture of music taste (I've seen him post Vocaloid, but there's other unknown crap too, probably something Harith or my bro would like). Nothing interesting in particular.
Except for this girl.


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