Friday, October 14, 2011

the nervousness of a teenage girl talking to her crush.

The following is what I typed out while chatting with Asyraf Suhaimi. yes, I got the guts to say hi..

It's unbelievable, how fast the heart can beat, just by looking into the monitor of a laptop connected to the internet.

my hands are shaking and I'm not really sure if I'm typing the right things, or if i should even type anything at all. Sometimes I wonder if he's thinking up questions just like I am, or just waiting for me to say something interesting.

even now, after we've been talking for awhile, I can still feel my cheeks burning and heart beating at my chest.

now I have no idea what to say. YOU! SAY SOMETHING! I'm thinking. I CAN'T DO ALL THE TALKING!! WHAT WILL THAT MAKE ME? DESPERATE?!

awwww masuk waktu Asar terus solat <3 <3 <3 SUKANYEE

so I discussed with Hanis, if he was trying to avoid talking to me he would've used a better excuse to go away from the computer. As in, a better excuse so that I wouldn't talk to him again. Hanis came up with the best one which is 'i gtg, awek i call' which really, would've hurt, but it would also give the hint - I'm not interested. we also agreed that if he really was trying to avoid talking to me he wouldn't come back to say hi. so if otherwise, he's not trying to avoid me.


I wish mom's gonna say something like 'Kayy jom balik' now cuz I ran out of topic to say to him!! I hope he's gonna say something soon..
It's been awhile and he hasn't said anything. Looks like I've cooled down too. I dunno what else is there to say? Waiting for a good idea to come up. well I came up with 'Suke anime x?' and apparently he does.

Lol who actually remembers those Yakitate Ja-PAN! days? I haven't watched it in years.. ever since the last time it showed on Animax. apparently it has to be his fav cuz that was the first one he mentioned lol. he likes Yui from K-on XD typical guys.


so after that I had to go. I was just glad it was me who had to go first, at least I won't feel like he's trying to avoid me (cuz I'm soo boring).

Hmm, I dunno. I think I'm starting to fall for him (the real, actual him) cuz before this it was sort of a very stalker way, just seeing him and looking at each other at the same time. when I started talking to him at the bus stop it definitely changed everything. I'm so glad I did that now, cuz even with all the doubts that I have there's still a part of me that has hope :)

our conversation was casual, just like any other stranger's conversation (I guess). I got to know him a little better and he got to know me :) can't wait to talk to him again. but right now, I'm too busy playing Sims Social *__*


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