Tuesday, October 18, 2011

probably one of the best days of my life.

Sunday was awesome. I had piano class in the morning and I didn't wake up late (MIRACLE!) and I didn't have unfinished homework and I played my exam pieces quite well (before class) !

But then during class I messed up Lazy Days. sorta. then I was like 'chillax, just concentrate for Ballad' then when I finished she said she was satisfied with it, but didn't wanna comment further - she told me to finish up. so I did.

so in the end it was the same thing over and over again for Lazy Days - be more FIRM, stronger at the ending, then the subito p has to be more subito @_@ then I also have to be more expressive at the first part and work on my pedal (I have no control, I tell you!!).

then teacher told me my Ballade has improved a lot, and she was happy that I memorized it (although she's still afraid I'll forget the third page, and is determined to make me photostat it. really, how old do you think I am? 10?). I just needed to be even more sure of the notes, and work on my demisemiquavers.

the third song she was satisfied, just pedal work, and I have to be more consistent. last week my timing was bad cuz I was concentrating on my expression, but when my timing was good this week I felt like I didn't express it good enough. Teacher didn't say this though. she said it was fine. IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT FINE - IT SOUNDED SO INSINCERE.

the fourth song was okay. it was an easy piece anyway. I sort of wished I got something else lol.

so Teacher wanted to teach me another song so I told her I wanted to play Moonlight Sonata. she said I already played that one, but I played the lower grade one - I wanna play the one on my grade. but boy, was it hard. especially the amount of stretching needed and the amount of sharps. but, I still love the song and didn't regret requesting it at all!!

after class I immediately got ready for the outing to Times Square. I was wearing this kimono blouse Kak Ain gave me with cardigan and pink tudung. the girls complimented the blouse YAY :) I picked Ika and Ida up and mom sent us to the LRT. I bought the tickets for Ika and Ida and searched for a Touch n Go topup machine cuz mom gave me hers which had like 3 bucks left. apparently all that I've found were broken so later on I just bought the tickets. so we got into the LRT and met up with Khairun, Sya, Ain, Aina and Shahira.

we stopped at KL Central and we got out we were like kinda sesated, cuz Sya (who supposingly knew the way) wasn't sure for a while. but later we found ourselves walking on a Brickfield walkway, passing by dirty shops and weird people you don't want to bump into. we finally got onto the monorail to Imbi station. when we got there Times Square was obviously not fully operating yet (obviously, it must've been like what? 11am?) so we looked through the directory and decided we should stop by the cinema to buy our tickets first. as usual, being typical K-POP fans we were all fangirling at practically everything we saw from E-POP magazines to BEAST mini-albums.

when we finally got to the cinema line, it seemed like the only shows they showed were ghost stories - which Khairun, Idah and I was totally fine with, but not the others. apparently 2AM Show wasn't there (I asked Adilah later and she said it's not there at Sunway neither) so we decided to got have a sort of near-to-lunch brunch at the food court. the paying system was kinda like the Touch n Go paying system we have at school, and we can deposit our money back later.

after that we didn't wanna throw up after the rides at the theme park (although technically only Khairun, Sya and I are the only ones who wanted to go) so we went to check out something else.. Ika finally suggested karaoke :)

my mom would have never agreed if I asked if I can go to karaoke, but technically my mom wasn't there so. we went to the place and checked out the price. apparently it was quite affordable (RM13 per person, student's price heh), and we could stay there until 4.30pm. it was still 1pm, and we saw there were Korean songs so we agreed that we won't go to the theme park, considering how expensive it was (RM37 during weekends!! what a rip-off). so you may not have known it, but there were 8 crazy K-POP fangirls in a karaoke room at Times Square that Sunday. what we had done, our parents would not have been proud of. nothing 18sx, mind you haha. but we were doing the Mister dance by KARA :P

I think the best part of the karaoke was that we didn't forget about real-life. we remembered to solat (minus the ones who couldn't) and we also remembered that we had to be out by 4.30 (although we really felt like camping out there). after we went out, we went to probably most anticipated place of the day - THE K-POP STORE ;DD

so after scurrying around in that small shop filled with any item that can hold the face of anyone in the K-POP industry, everyone ended up buying something from there. the least items bought was Aina (who didn't bring much money, apparently) who bought a phone strap. the most spent was Shahira, who bought SNSD stuff worth of RM500/+. so envious of her, cuz that money was hard-earned, and she got the will power to collect it. but then even if I had that much money they don't have all those crap for other bands like CN BLUE of BEAST. BEAST does not give a limited edition handbag with the purchase of their Japanese album - extra glittery.

so then we got back home and I showed off to my mom the K-POP stuff that I bought - Lee Jonghyun bookmark, CNBLUE keychain, half-ownership to B1A4 2012 calendar, and a birthday present for Yen Fern. there's the spoiler, YenF. Now you better come to school soon. even if your birthday isn't here yet.

mom said he's good looking (UMM, OBVIOUSLY) and Bakmal said his hair looks like his own. I told him that's his future brother in law. heh.
then later mom told me to fry fish, and I am effing terrified of hot oil, so I didn't even flip it. then mom told me girls who can't fry fish can't get married and I'm like "... BUT JONGHYUN WOULDN'T WANNA EAT OILY THINGS. He has to take care of his voice ;m;"

that night I also watched The Social Network for the first time which caused my brain to overwork, making me unable to sleep. I was rolling in bed for more than an hour, literally just thinking bout the genius that is Facebook.


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