Sunday, November 20, 2011

I've been writing... you interested?

This one is a fan-fiction, a cross-over between K-POP and anime.


“So, are you gonna take dibs on any of the girls yet?”Sandeul asked Baro. “You know, before I fall for someone you like and get punched in the faced after school.”
Baro thought about it. Of course, the first girl that came to mind was Mio, her long black hair shining under the sunlight. Then suddenly his thought came to the girl who was always next to Mio – Ritsu. Her obnoxious laugh, showing her perfectly lined pearly teeth. Her cool and tough yet really silly acts. Why would I ever be attracted to her? Baro thought. But then, I’m still thinking about her...
“Oi,” Sandeul called out to Baro, who was already spacing out. “Don’t tell me there’re too many girls to pick from.”
“No,” Baro replied. Just two, he thought to himself.


...can you guess the two groups?



Main characters are Baro, Ritsu and Mio.

see, you might think this is so cliche. five people meets five people, immediately falls in love, they live happily ever after. really I'm trying my best not to write cliche stories. have you guys read The Black Angels? The story I wrote based on Ring Ding Dong by SHINee. my friends seem to really like it, cuz it seemed different - they think it was original, when almost all the small details were based on the MV- I just made the idea of the MV seem clearer (minus all the dancing). 

I don't want to trick my readers into thinking everything's original. so I'm trying to write something original now, but it's starting to look like another typical drama to me. (I'm talking bout the B1A4xK-On! project.)

but really I tried reading some fan-fics, while there were good ones (like the one about 2PM's Junsu and Taecyeon suddenly being left with four babies in their house - who turned out to be their group members!) there were also bad ones (like the latest one I read about SNSD and 2PM. it sucked so much I can't even bear it. the plot was predictable, the grammar was bad. the addition of Suzy from MissA and Donghae from SuJu made it more interesting, but since she made Donghae bad in the story, and I'm Donghae biased, it just made it worse for me.)

that's the fan-fic story. I'm trying not to turn it into a novel because I'm working on another novel right now - Fishing on a Cloudy Day. It's about five girls in a small fishing village in Japan who are going through adolescence and summer at the same time.

I started this novel earlier this year, but due to PMR I stopped working on it and resumed just recently. But I've been running out of ideas, since the plot is buried thick under all the studying I've been doing (dang, I should've written it down somewhere). I need to jog my memory up a bit so that I'll get the idea of what's gonna happen and how I should arrange it to let the story flow. right now, the story's a bit, tersekat. 

The truth is, I haven't been writing in it recently cuz I don't have any ideas nor the mood to write. 

God, please don't let me fail this project too.

Did you know I finished The Black Angels in two hours? I should do those more often - speed projects. novels seem a lot harder.



21st Nov - morning : passport renewing.
               - afternoon : Level 6 piano practical exam.

22nd Nov - afternoon : Sya's house, melepak

25th Nov - 2PM Hands Up Tour concert (I'm not going, sadly T___T)

29th Nov - Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 (in S'pore~~ gonna watch live on 8TV or TVN)

3rd Dec - Mnet Concert (artists like B1A4, Super Junior, MissA, f(x) are coming. unluckily I'm not going cuz it's my father's birthday T___T sigh~ guess it's just my luck.)

26th Dec - PMR results~!!

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