Sunday, November 27, 2011

pimple attack.

you have no idea how much this hurt me.


As you guys should know, recently I've been watching a lot of videos, especially CNBLUE videos, because well I'm a BOICE. And the more I watch, the more love I have for CNBLUE, sincerely. They don't have charms like SHINee, They're not excessively pouring out hotness like 2PM and they don't have the dance moves of U-KISS. They're just average guys, good guys, good-looking guys (;DD a must~) who love music and showing their love to the world.
Erk enough with the BOICE talk haha.

So recently I watch episode 20-22 of We Got Married - Goguma Couple (YonghwaXSeohyun) and they were cooking in CNBLUE's dorm (I almost died when I saw their dorm - SO NEAT! AND I REALLY DID DIE WHEN I SAW JONGHYUN'S ROOM.) and Seohyun accidentally cut her finger. Everyone was fussing over it. Both Minhyuk and Jonghyun went to take their first aid kit (it was so funny). Jungshin offered cutting the veggies for Seohyun, Jonghyun was getting ready the antiseptic (??? i don't know I'm not good at these stuff... thank God Jonghyun is) and Yonghwa was washing off the blood for her (awww). Then the MC said it was like Boys Over Flowers, F4 BLUE and Hyun Jandi. sigh~

so today I accidentally ripped part of my skin on my finger while cleaning up and there was blood, but nothing serious. Then later I was washing the dishes and I exclaimed (?? cuz I can't say shout or scream, it wasn't as loud or ear-pinching) cuz my finger hurt so much! then I suddenly thought of F4 BLUE.
... T_T man I wish I was Seohyun.

Later I told my mom this and she said if I kept thinking like this my face would be filled with pimples in no time. If it does happen, I don't regret anything.

even throughout my day I imagine if Hubble actually debuted in Korea (haha, saying a daydream out loud here seems ridiculous but hey, everyone has it) and if we were invited to a variety show and they saw in our page we each had our 'Idol Man' and they invited them too and we had to talk about it, it would be so funny. then I imagined if there was a program where a fan can live with their fav idol group and I was living with CNBLUE for a week. I would get cut and no one would care and I would cry and lock myself in Jonghyun's room and sleep on his bed. I would wake up early so that I wouldn't have to go around in my towel from the shower when the boys are awake. by the time they wake up, I would be cooking breakfast, already in full outfit - including my tudung. then while they get ready I'll get my sleep. I can imagine either Yonghwa or Jonghyun has to give their bedroom to me cuz they can't let me sleep in the living room and Jungshin and Minhyuk share a room. Then when I have to leave I would cry and hug each and every one of them tightly and take pictures with them as a memory - I was the lucky BOICE who got to live with them, know them better and help them around the house for a week.

Man that was a long paragraph.
but really if you think logically, these things will never happen - my mom would never allow me become and artist, I wouldn't want to actually become an artist, none of Hubble would actually wanna become an artist. if they had a a program where you can live with your idol, they would pick someone from Korea so that it'll be easier for communication? and for the safety of their artist, they wouldn't allow a fan to live with them but a total stranger? it would make it even more interesting too. (but really, which one of us actually wants to rape our fav idols? stalk, maybe like when they're sleeping. I'm not saying me, I mean, I'm still sane but there are such crazy fanatics..)

Aigoo what am I babbling about. there's your update, Eva.


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