Sunday, December 18, 2011

christmas gift for xueh wei.

Idk if you're around I mean I haven't seen you online and you haven't updates your blog, but since you like Sungha Jung and I know you like thing song, you recomended it to me even before school ended so ^^

-I'm sorry my gifts are cheap guys T T but then you guys don't give me duit raya so :P-

ya know, I wonder why astro hitz doesn't play much videos from Malaysia. I mean, look at these two!

They put in so much effort, and not even local channels want to play their song!
you know, I might not have been one of those people who actually watches them, but I miss those days when astro Ria had like ten minutes to show Malaysian music videos and stuff. and even though back then they'd only show MV's by AF students but I bet now they'd have much more to show! and I'd definitely watch it ;)
sampai skarang kitorang dah takde Astro pun I'm still giving comments on the

p.s,will try to get you a gift, YenF ^^

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