Thursday, December 22, 2011

deleted another post for this.

I finally cried sincerely watching this drama.
I mean, I've felt sad and disappointed before, but seeing Yonghwa Shinwoo so sad, crying that the girl he likes will never like him the same way... it's just depressing.
...I truly am biased, aren't I?

Well I watched one of the movie that Jonghyun recommended with mom and dad, Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu. I actually memorized that. (kata nak improve Jap, have to put in a lil effort into these little things..)

it was a slow Japanese movie, like most Japanese movies are. it's really sweet and has cute humour to it. the plot was nice too. easy to understand. not that complicated, but not too simple. although the guy actor was a little awkward but I guess it suited the character he was acting.

now the part where I was supposed to cry.
I mean, from the Tumblr post I read (and posted here) Jonghyun probably cried to this movie too. my mom started crying when the kid cried, but I was just waiting for a scene for me to cry to. there was a part where I teared up a bit, but usually if I sincerely cry I'd sob a little. I really didn't find a scene for this.

am I that heartless? nanti bila dah kahwin tengok movie sedih dengan husband he would be crying away and I'll sit here and yawn. (note: i didn't necessarily say Jonghyun. I mean he's a Busan guy, if he was crying and his wife wasn't he would be embarrassed and quickly wipe away his tears. lol the imagination of a 15 year old.)
I hope I will cry more in the future. I mean, when it's appropriate.


P.S, if the movie wasn't too slow then Kimio, the song Jonghyun made inspired by this movie, would've been the perfect OST.

We aim even more towards the top and keep running
Until that day comes, just about anything is fine
We both laughed that day, Even the truth of happiness
I request you you, A feeling I grew
Though even now it is irrepressible and overflowing
I am now going to be with you.

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