Friday, December 16, 2011

from outside of Comic Fest '11.

We didn't get in. Not gonna say much, not that interesting when you couldn't even go in.
Okay maybe it was kinda interesting. lol.

My mom wanted to take a picture of this Batman so badly. lol.

Orochimaru T T 
unluckily, there was no Kakashi or Rock Lee cosplayers. 
if there was I would've fangirled already lol.

The 9th Hokage, right?? still not sure.
Bakmal mumbled his name but I didn't catch it.
(okay Eva said it's Naruto in the future - Hokage the 7th. lol I'm way far off.)

Vocaloid Miku!! :D definitely my fav pic, and fav cosplayer ;)

my least fav cosplayers, cuz they ruined Azumeow T_T 
Azusa looks older than the rest.

Tidus from Final Fantasy X! :D
I loved the game, couldn't finish it before our PS2 broke though :(

Eva's cosplay!
I seriously have no idea what she cosplayed as but throught the comments...

The only souvenir we got T T
Ayah probably took it off a trash can or something lol.

Hana!! :D was so excited when we saw her :)
should've taken a pic with her bro, he was Harry Potter >.>

there lol. -steals from FB-

L. easily said. one of the earlier photos taken so its kinda lame.

first one taken cuz it's Crocodile!! 
who wouldn't want to see the un-buffed version of Crocodile?? :D

otw (omg Blogger got it backward)


Planning to olan better for next year >.> saw so many cool stuff people bought! I want those things too!! (I wonder if they sold a keyblade -gasps-)
I saw Namine, but didn't take picture, and there was no Roxas :(

(kinda tired, sorry for short explanation, wasn't interesting anyway)

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