Saturday, December 3, 2011

everything is running out of battery - phone, laptop, eyes.

Watched my CNBLUE RE-MAINTENANCE DVD for the forth time tonight. 

Then I found these on Tumblr.

Then I asked my dad : If they came to Malaysia, you'd let me go, right? I mean, they are my favourite band everr and you have to agree they're good (he watched partially).

and he's like : che. Ayah pun tak pernah pergi concert, awak nak pergi. che.

and I said : THANKS YAH~~
but In My Head I'm like : lol Ayah which decade did you come from and which did I

and also, tonight was the MOA concert. Sheryl Soo went and she's bragging all over Tumblr. even Xueh Wei couldn't stand the fact that she missed Yesung perform. I can't believe it. Sandeul came and I just... stayed home, bored to my guts. Good thing CNBLUE was there to cheer me up omg I think I got CNBLUE virus

This is how I'll be if Ayah really doesn't let me go to CNBLUE:


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