Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I miss them already.

I watched the last episode of Goguma Couple last night. sigh~ they were just getting along, and Yonghwa was looking hotter with his new hair... aigoo, they just had to cut it off as it gets better, right? =,=

truthfully, I won't watch any other WGM couples for now. why? I'm not interested in the other couples :P Khuntoria, a bit, because I like f(x) but Nickhun is so popular I'm like, too many people watches it, malas nak tengok~ I bet TeukSo is popular too, but I don't really feel it. Waiting for the new season so that I can't start from the beginning :3

We Got Married possibilities 2012

Changsung ( 2PM)& Joo Yeon ( After School)

Wooyoung ( 2PM)& Nana (After School) 

Cheondung ( MBLAQ) &Yuri ( SNSD)

Gi Kwang ( B2ST) & YoonA (SNSD) 

Eli ( U-Kiss) & Hara ( Kara)

Yang Yoseob ( B2ST ) & Ji Yeon ( T-ARA )

Dong Hae ( SuJu ) & Dara ( 2NE1 ) 

Seungri ( BigBang ) Krystal ( F(x) )

Taeyang ( BigBang ) & Hyosung (Secret )

Minho ( SHINee ) & HyunA ( 4Minute )

Dong Woon (B2ST) & Chris H

so yeaa. the ones I underlined I will watch if it comes out ^^ sigh~ they maybe awkward but they were so sweet! and they match each other so well...
so here's a tribute to the YongSeo couple. A never before seen cut, and the song they composed together <3

this isn't the original one though, cuz you won't understand without subs what the song is about... Banmal is informal language, which is a version of Korean that you can speak with your friends and such. but the formal version which Seohyun uses with Yonghwa out of respect because he's older, Yonghwa feels like there's no bond, like the formal speaking is forming a wall between them. but Seohyun.. it's really hard for her. to her it's sort of automatic.

well if you wanna watch the original one its the one with the Korean writing on the suggestion list by sweetpotato*insertfournumbershere* it will add their amount of views! ^^

well... back to having nothing look forward to...

P.S, I also enjoyed the CNBLUE moments haha <3 I usually download the episodes, and once I finish watching I'll delete the file cuz it takes up space in the external but I keep my fav episodes, a.k.a. whenever the other CNBLUE members make an appearance haha >///<

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