Thursday, December 8, 2011


Inspired (?) from Seohyun's wedding photo and Eva's S4S puffy dresses lol.
Tried shading on the dress... see the folds? ><" -fails-
I should practice more if I'm to own a tablet :P

Well out of boredom today I reorganized my spending plans. I found out that the total amount of money I would save with the my allowance spending way (?) is approximately RM500. That is so enough to get a good ticket at CNBLUE's concert <3

So today, I vow I shall follow the planned procedures to achieve the amount of money I had aimed. I shall sacrifice everything, including sushi for recess. If I have sushi for recess, I shall fast the next two days to retrieve back the money I had lost.

in the eyes of a K-POP fan:
Sacrificing everything for a concert that you don't will exist = totally worth it.


more YongSeo wedding photos and more cuts

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