Wednesday, December 28, 2011

last post of 2011.

*800th post woohoo!*

well I won't be at home during New Years, so I'm guessing this will be my last post of 2011.

so the year had been quite full. in the beginning of the year my mind wasn't at PMR just yet. I even went to Singapore under Girl Guides. Then I entered pembarisan for Blue house, but then it probably didn't count (mainly cuz we didn't win) ? other than that I didn't have much on my mind. a lot of K-POPing going on with Hubble. 'homework' during recess turn into latest K-POP song discussion.

then when I got only 4A's for my mid-year exam, then I started to think seriously about PMR. the days after that felt so long. it all felt like a really long time. after trials, that's when I noticed how little time we had left until all of this will end - homework, tuition, being expected to study 24/7, my phone being taken away by dad... it will all end soon, and after that, we're all gonna be free.

the last days of PMR felt so hard. the pressure was definitely there, but everyone was trying to push it away with kind words and smiles. after that, we were so free, we practically didn't have anything to do but hang around. and I'm not kidding when I use the word lepak - that's all we did during the last days of school.

then came the school holidays. this time it felt really short, and literally I feel like I'm not prepared for school at all. must be because we don't even know what class we're gonna be in. I didn't buy my books yet. I didn't buy my tudung yet (I can still wear my uniform so we're saving on that this year). I don't even have new stationery. I bought a new pair of shoes though. I really wish the holidays would be longer. sigh.

so I've learned a few things this year. but they're not things that can be written in words. they're just small daily things, that I'll be using for small daily things in the future. literally too lazy to think right now. omg how am I supposed to survive form 4 if I'm lazy even to think. what type of person am I. 

well I can easily say I didn't fail 2011. it wasn't a bad year. it wasn't terrific neither. never will I think back and say, oh, 2011 was such a special year for me. 2010 was though. CNBLUE was born. And I fell for them.

special things that happened in 2011:

  • Haris Daniel, my second nephew was born on 11/11/11 :3
  • I got straight A's for PMR. 
  • I bought my first official CNBLUE merchandise - their ZEPP tour DVD. 
  • the first time I bought items online.
  • Hubble was born.
  • I gain 20 followers in a month. 97 followers? I'm proud of myself :') it might not be a hundred or a thousand like what most people would want, but I have a feeling people are starting to 'see' me now.
  • I found a fandom I know I'd stick to. and, ya know, I'm still a Shawol at heart, alongside being a Boice and BANA. I don't think I was ever a real ELF.
  • we took down Astro and decided to go for the minority life - with UniFi.
  • Japan's tsunami attack, that was sad, I dunno if it's special but it was epic-ly terrifying though. imagine all our favourite mangaka's dying Q_Q well thankfully not all though. heh. but a lot of people died so.

Things I need to do in 2012:

  • go for camps. because of PMR I didn't go any camp this year, except for the Singapore trip.
  • participate in musical events with choir. yet again, I didn't this year with PGL because of PMR. I went to see it though :) was my last request from mom.
  • practice piano more often. like, every weekday. and pretend music homework is the same as school homework. put it in the same stack. they're the same in priority. Piano is an extra subject that I'm taking for SPM. -convinced-
  • concentrate on Japanese. I need to ace the exam, not pass. Japanese is also an extra subject for SPM. -literally though this time-
  • not join any sports club. what's the use of joining if I don't go for practice? clubs are Ranger Puteri, choir and Japanese (language club). then go to all club meetings lol.
  • buy CNBLUE albums online. no seriously I have to do this. 
  • go online once in two days. I don't want to go online too often, but I don't want to miss out on the fun neither.
  • make a timetable.
  • exercise (since I won't be joining a sports club T T)
  • write and draw more often :D

what I don't have to do in 2012:

  • Tumblr everyday. just Tumblr once a week will do. people don't unfollow because they didn't blog in a week. they unfollow because they haven't blogged in a year. 
  • have a crush (again). 
  • do extra things like edit videos and make covers. I mean seriously who has the time for all that when you have other things to worry about. sorry. no offence. 
  • go for recess. I need to save money. just have a big breakfast and I'll be fine. 
  • use the computers at school. membazir duit je.

I don't know if that's all. I mean, who knows right? -thinking too much, again-

so, thank you everyone who had made my year <3 I dunno what to write anymore. what do people write on end-of-year posts anyway? maybe it's just cuz it's not the end of the year yet so I don't really feel anything. it's sad. but what can I do?
oh I know. I can showcase how uncaring I am about the end of the year by posting this.

muahahaha. you shall all die of Minhyuk's sexiness.

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