Sunday, December 4, 2011

money's the game.

So recently Eva got a new tablet.
And I'm here dying to get money for everything else.

heck. I just deleted like what? eight paragraphs of blogging?
whoever got to read it, 'lucky' you. idk I probably just made someone suffer from reading useless information. all I'm saying is that I have a tough schedule, got to work it out, the next found out someone was ahead of me.
I must be turning stupid from all those fish heads I've been eating.

still I think the last paragraph is worth it.
Even with all this planning there's still probabilities it's not gonna go so smoothly. like, CNBLUE not coming to Malaysia or CNBLUE coming too early, and I can't get a good ticket or suddenly our house burnt down and I have to contribute every single sen I saved for our living. I can't help but think nothing is gonna go the way I want it, like it has always been three quarters of my lifetime.


p.s, if you're such a smarty pants can you tell me why I feel so stupid recently? everything I do seems to be a problem to at least one human out there? you know what, even if you can answer that don't. I'll feel even more stupid.

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