Thursday, December 15, 2011

my husband's unknown history.

I have no idea if I'm able to save much posts by the end of the year. Let's just hope I'll stop fangirling lol.

A post I found on Tumblr, which I cringed to at first, but I guess I should've known...

Summary of Jonghyun's Dangerous Speech

It was started at their debut day!
2010.Jan.15 Dong Go Dong Rak, they were asked when was their last date. All others answered 2~3 years ago. OnlyJonghyun said one year ago, broke up because he went to Japan, and he even called her from Japan.
2010.June.22 Sukira, he talked about his first kiss with Son Ye Jin look-alike girl. He emphasized she was so much pretty. I wonder he likes Son Yejin because of her, or he liked her because she resembed SonYeJin. She was same age, so many fans sent message arguing that he had told that he had dated noonas only. Their manager stood up and warned him to stop. Jonghyun worried, “I may be beaten by manager after going back home.”
2010.July.07 SukiraHe said he had 8 ex-gfs.
2011.Apr.12 Starry night, DJ Park Kyung Rim said to Jonghyun, “Did you have many girlfriends?”. Jonghyun answered, “No, not that many, less than 10 fingers.”
DJ said, “But you are just 22.

How lucky, he doesn’t have 100 fingers.
by @saturnkr
JongHyun affection to Sojin 
2011.Apr.21 SimsimtapaJonghyun was asked which girl group he is interested in now. Jonghyun answered Girls Day. And he said Sojin nuna and he went the same music institute.
2011.Apr.22 SukiraJonghyun was asked if he filmed wgm who he want to do with. He answered he wants to do with Sojin. And he said recently he filmed a music show (Director’s cut2) with her, he really enjoyed it. He said she was a good singer.

Jonghyun is always too much straightforward :)
by @saturnkr

Personally, I like Sojin too, I mean Minah's actually my bias in Girl's Day but Minah's too young for him (wait she's the same age as Sulli and I'm trying to set him up with her on my RP acc... well that's RPing so).
But that's not the point.  point is, Sojin's too old for him
Okay still not the point.

You know I've been trying to write fan-fics for K-POP? well I tried writing one on awhile ago, and I haven't updated it. It was about Jonghyun breaking up with this girl because he was leaving to Japan. 
And I was like - am I psychic?
No, ofc not. It's just fate a coincidence.

Imagine, dating a future super star, then he talks about you on TV and radio, and he looks very very very very very very (x1000) gorgeous. The feeling you'd get when he still remembers you. The feeling you get when you imagine he still has feelings for you. The feeling you'd get when the tabloid writes 'Jonghyun Marries Ex-Girlfriend' hurr

-sigh- why is reality so miserable?

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