Thursday, December 8, 2011

oh nothing, just another fangirl post.

Don't I do this every school holiday now? ever since I started Tumblr... lol

first, and introduction to members of CNBLUE:

Sailormoon Jungshin

Goku Jonghyun

Robot Mind Reading Yonghwa

Sexy Vixen Minhyuk

Jonghyun: Sexy? Why's Minhyuk sexy and not me?

Me: Pardon me, but you just haven't been sexy enough today, therefore sexy had been claimed by Minhyuk.

Jonghyun: what're you talking bout? I'm sexy!!
Look at mah sexy smile!

Mah sexy gorilla moves!!

Me is sexy!


Me : ... point invalid.


Oh yea, another two posts that are really funny and are on Tumblr therefore shall be linked instead :


Last but not least, meet Jonghyun's girlfriend, the red guitar <3 I also see him preferring this one to the blue guitar they always start off concerts with... he must really like her.


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