Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pulling on my heartstrings.

I've been crying to Heartstrings a lot recently. I thought Khairun said she felt this drama was boring. oh well. I really like it though. Yonghwa and Shinhye are such a natural at acting with each other. I still wish Yonghwa will act alongside someone else one day, though.

then I remembered this FMV I really really liked that made me feel like watching HS in the first place :

I must've posted this everywhere now but I still like it. the more I watch it, the more I understand the lyrics and the video. well I've been searching for more FMV's, and there were so many out there. not many were as good as this one, but there was one that was better :

I really really like this one. I feel like it really suits Gyoowon. I almost cried in the end.

but of course, there were other good ones too:

These three had a sense of humour in it, which is what I like about Kdramas - they're not just plain drama, Indonesians can do that (sense the racism. gomenasai.) but they have a good sense of humour too :)
the last one was special cuz I felt like it was a video against Lee Shin? I've had times when I really hated Lee Shin so I was satisfied muahaha.

and the last one - I don't really like it in particular cuz it's nothing special really, but Minhyuk is so cute I just had to post it...

p.s, spoiler, I cried when Gyoowon sang I Will Forget You. it was the first Korean song that Jonghyun wrote for an album. it was in BlueTory and Jonghyun sang it. I had always loved it, even before I was a Boice, but I never really knew the meaning. it made me cry. I'm sure I wouldn't have cried if I just searched the trans though, so thank you Shinhye.

I'm so so sorry but one more! This one is good too :) its sort of how I'd like Lee Shin to actually feel. heh. and the end of the video is where I'm at now, Ep7 :3 If I stay up to watch another episode mom will literally kill me @__@
-7 videos in total.. gotta be a post record-

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