Monday, December 12, 2011

some things that are on my mind.

I just watched an all-time favourite of mine. Found the DVD in the CD racks and I'm like 'How did I not know this was here?!?! I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!'

Bridge to Terabithia. Has to be one of the best movies out there. how many times have I watched it, like thrice? not enough, definitely. but ten when you do something too often it looses its specialty. you stop appreciating doing it. like, I bet when I grow older I'll show the movie to my kids and I'll be like 'This use to be one of my favourite movies when I was in my pre-teens. I cried every time I watched it.'

no seriously I cried so hard just now I was practically weeping. my nose was blocked but then it's better than when you were kids the snot would come out and you'd lick it. remember? XD

another thing I'd cry to every time I watch it is this :

not this video though, the MV itself. every time I see the guy in the blue suit, the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and when I see Bom's eyes glimmer from the tears I'd tear up myself.
It's funny how we can feel so sad to something that we're not even experiencing ourselves, and never even had experience. it's just the thought of being in that person's shoes could make us breakdown. the power of the human imagination.
that's another thing I learned from Bridge to Terabithia.


warning: these topics might sound a bit racist. but it's just thoughts I had. I'm not suggesting anything, okay?

you know it's a bit unfair that everyone can speak Malay? I mean like sometimes my Chinese friends would speak in Mandarin with their friends and I'll be here like 'omg they must be dissing me since they don't want me to understand' but obviously it's not like that all the time but I hate that feeling when I can't understand anything someone is saying.
like, how many languages can an average Malay speak? two. how many can an average Malaysian Chinese or Indian speak? three. okay let's not talk about Malaysians, it's in the school syllables, they don't really have a choice. they don't even really speak it, for instance Anesha. I remember last year Xueh Wei, me and her would have like Malay periods where we'll practice (or rather, force) Anesha into BM but she wasn't really fluent.
but that's not the point. I went to KL today, and knowing KL there's a lot of foreigners like Banglas and Indons, and all of them can communicate and survive here in KL. so Malay seems like an easy, learn-it-in-a-week sort of language, where as more complicated languages like Mandarin and Japanese and French are more yearned to be learned by people all around the world.

what about English? everyone can speak English.

it's cuz English is somehow an 'international language'. I have no idea how this was decided I mean if it was up to me I'd make every language international, like wouldn't it be fun for like a person to know like 5 languages max in every country in the world? like if English can somehow be decided to be an international language why can't it be decided that everyone should learn 5 languages each?
like how America seems to be the most powerful country in the world. who in the heavens made this decision? what did they do to deserve such big recognition?
somehow we're all brought up to believe that everything is just as it is, and we should just go along and not question anything. how stupid is that?

*___* I think I watched too many movies where the main character had actually been brought up to a fake world and discovers that he/she had been hidden behind many lies by people he had trusted (or had been told to trust). I'm starting doubt everything I know lol.

well back to fangirling.

the Jonghyuns that I love <3 both Jonghyuns are so good looking, it's hard to avoid giving a baby the name Jonghyun right now.

Of course my Jonghyun is so much prettier (lol) and taller (lolol jangan terasa Jjong.. at least you have dino teeth)

you know CNBLUE just ended their Winter Tour '11 in Japan? on their last concert at Osaka Kim Jonghyun sent Lee Jonghyun these flowers...

"You leave me with Intuition"

well Jjong has a lot of humour too XD you know that Jonghyun likes pork?
when Accoustic Movie finished shooting they celebrated at a pork restaurant.
when Yonghwa told the boys to choose anything for Seohyun to cook, Jonghyun chose pork soup. and the MCs were all like 'He's a Busan man, Busan man' which means they're supposed to be tough like that.

this brings me back to reality.
do I actually think I would marry this guy? gawd this sounds ridiculous. but then it must've sound ridiculous the millions of times I told everyone that Jonghyun was my husband. although it was an obvious joke, I really do adore him and sometimes wish that a joke can come true, but who am I kidding? Jonghyun's favourite dish is probably his mom's pork soup. why would he give it up for a girl who looks like me, and a religion that has too many complications? (not that I'm complaining, but it would seem so to many people which is why they decide to not be Muslim in the first place - there's too many restrictions. why live a hard life when you can have a bunch of fun, right?) (no offence) (why do I even bother it doesn't even work. rather than saying that I should apologize.) (I'm sorry.)

plus mom had once told me that it's hard to marry a mualaf, especially when you're the girl, cuz you as the the born Muslim is supposed to guide him. sedangkan kitorang ni bukannya alim sangat, takut kita pulak yang terpesong. plus, nanti bila solat siapa nak jadi imam? but my mom only mentioned it once, probably because she doesn't wanna discourage me or anything. but I'll always remember it, of course. although my taste in guys are obviously more of the typical Asian types (sincerely I'm saying it now, I find a lot of Chinese guys hot, rather than the 70% of Malay guys I don't give a second glance to) I can't really depend on looks when it comes to marriage now can I.

but I want handsome and pretty babies!! :'(( unluckily, if I do get good looking kids I'll have to pity them for having such an average looking mom.


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