Wednesday, December 21, 2011

syukur Alhamdulilah kepada yang Maha Esa kerana memberi ku kejayaan.

the atmosphere at school this morning was tense. girls were chattering off their stress, including me myself. when I walked into the school gates I was greeted first with Ain's hug, followed by Sya, then Ika. then I came forward to Shahira to give her a hug. I haven't heard from her for awhile, but then she's that type of person.

everyone was talking about how they were stressing out this morning. some cried in the morning when they woke up. some cried because their dad said 'it's okay, I'll still love you no matter what'. the worst I got was feeling a little nauseous when we neared the school. when I salamed my dad this morning and asked for his prayers, he just said 'Ayah dah doa dah'. 

we entered the hall after Datin Mary opened the doors. she announced that the results are already here, but they'll give it out once Datin Nurul has come back from Shah Alam from an emergency meeting. it's either really good news, or really bad news. so the gang stuck together, talking about 'competitors' in the family. I only have one cousin from Johor, Ikin. I'm sure the Johor people hardly know I took PMR this year. I don't mind though, even if my friends have aunties calling in asking if we got our results yet, showing how much they cared.

Ain was texting with Bazil. he got 5A's. more news from Samad, Arshad, the guy who likes Ain got 5A's too, and Vie, the most popular girl in Samad, and also back in SSP got straight A's. soon, we heard a loud buzz at the class tables, and later screaming. turns out we had to line up and pick up our results. I was praying so hard when I got into line. but then none of the students from my class got their results yet. instead, we each got an envelope of money - our class funds. we had extra so it was divided among us, each got RM18. 

then Datin Mary made another announcement - that they'll announce the students who got 8A's and give their slips on stage. I was hugging Xueh Wei's arm by then. by the time 'Noor Aziemah' was called out my heart was beating so fast. here it goes. after this. if they skip my name, I didn't get straight A's. 



'Nur Elyna bt. Mahzan...'

I slipped through the many people blocking my path, then when I noticed I missed the stairs I jumped from the front. 
'Nur Iman?' a teacher asked. 
'uh, no, Nur Elyna..' the pointed my way to Datin Nurul, all staring at me like I was a crazy monkey who preferred jumping around than using the stairs.
Datin mentioned the jump, but all I was worried about was my slip. smiling happily, I took the piece of paper - straight A's. 

as I walked towards the stairs down, my mom called out 'ELYNA!!!' at first it was embarrassing, but later when she was hugging me, eyes teary, I realized why she was so proud of me - I was her first child who got straight A's for PMR. Abang didn't take it, cuz he was at US, and Bakmal got 5As. soon my eyes got wet too. I'm proud of myself - I made mom happy.

after that, everything was a blur - picture taking, calling people, hugging everyone no matter what their result. Hubble's average was 6.7, which is 7 la. it's not bad. not bad at all :) I was so proud of Sya. I think she cried the most. she said she wanted straight A's back when we were studying for trials. she said she had to make her mom proud - her first child got straight A's for PMR. but I'm sure her mom was just as proud when she got 7A's. 

on the way home, mom was probably so proud, she told me to call her best friend to tell her my results. then when she came home she told me Aunty Anne said congrats. she must've told her too. I hope she doesn't tell anyone else. I hope that's the two closest friends she has that she can trust sincerely. Abang gave me a gift too - chores. no seriously, he's paying 30 bucks to sweep, mop, vaccum, lipat baju and clean the toilet. although I'm not big on cleaning his bathroom, but 30 bucks is a whole lot! knowing that he's short on money himself, I'm happy with his 'gift' :) 

I didn't mention it, really I didn't, but mom asked what she promised if I got straight A's, and she recalled herself it was a trip to Korea. I told her it was okay, but Abang was all 'Belikan drumstick yang diorang pakai kat tokong tu! buat souvenir!" mom was already facepalm-ing. I didn't say anything, seriously! kalau ada rezeki boleh lah, bawak the whole family. but just the thought of it can make me smile ear to ear. 
Abang : Korea tengah perang skarang..

later I went online and I was overwhelmed when both Asyraf and Harith started a chat with me ><" I mean Harith I understand, we tight lyk dat but Asyraf? I thought he didn't have any interest me. but then he probably just wanted to know how I did. he got 5A's.

Nuryn was right. she said if she was a KL guy from a normal KL school she wouldn't want to date a Sri Amanian cuz we'd probably be too smart for them. speaking of Nuryn, she got straight A's too :') my deskmate. so proud of her. SRI AMAN KICKS GUYS ASSES. BEST IN SELANGOR, YO! WOOTS :D we didn't beat last year's record though - more than half straight A's. but I'm still proud of our batch. we're so awesome :)

right now I'm just being thankful to everyone who gave me the strength to arrive here, at this state of happiness.
Hubble and the gang (means additional Ili and Shahira) who stayed back to study together,
the Andrew Choo gang who made me laugh in classes,
Asyraf who made me want to show him what I'm made of (seriously crushes make me feel like I should be better, so I'm thankful to them, even Pumpkin.)
my parents who constantly and annoyingly remind me to study 24/7. I'm happy they did that now. even if it's annoying.
Comel, who was there when I need a warm furry thing to hug.
my super smart classmates for revising with me at last minute.
Korean guys, I love you all, especially my so-called-husband Lee Jonghyun and also my ex-boyfriend Lee Junghwan a.k.a. Sandeul. they gave me the strength to continue reading even though I was too lazy. my thoughts back then was 'Sandeul and Jonghyun would be so proud that their fan is a straight A student.'
my friends, my siblings... I LOVE ALL OF YOU! :') 

and mostly, I'd like to thank Allah SWT for giving me the strength to study, and for blessing all my hard work. 
Please forgive all my sins and the sins of all I care for, and the sins of the all Muslims out there. 
I am so thankful for your help.


on a side note,

—I watch a lot of dramas and films, I express the feelings of the characters as if I’m one those characters.
—Sometimes films and dramas inspire me to write. And as for playing my guitar, songs come in mind spontaneously.
—I often compose the song inspired by movies and dramas. Watching video is my habit when I write a song. I make a song by guitar too.
Lee JongHyun is certified as an emotional J-drama addict
He admitted that he cried when he watched dramas and movies
Lee JongHyun may look tough and masculine but he has a soft heart.. <3

The post included dramas that he watched and loved, so I downloaded all the torrents lol. except for Pride. it has something to do with baseball therefore I'm not really interested. sorry hubby, but we can't have all the same interests ^^"

I watched ‘Bara No Nai Hanaya (Flower Shop Without Roses)’, ‘Sekai no Chushinde Ai wo Sakebu (Crying out Love, In the Centre of the World) ’. I chose a little bit wistful ones and watch. I always watch Japanese dramas and films when I compose. I think the music or albums are one of those stories.
source B-Pass Magazine

JongHyun comment about “Rain Of Blessing”:
I was inspired when I saw the film of “Sekai no Chushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (Crying Out Love, In The Centre of the World)” and I used this single to resemble as a drama or a film. I was well aware of “Kisho Tenketsu (起承転結 / Introduction, Development, Turn and Conclusion)”, so I composed that (kisho tenketsu) to float towards ending.”
source: Arena 37C

JongHyun Favourite Drama(s):
My Boss, My Hero” and “Bara no Nai Hana Ya (Flower Shop without A Rose)
source: Ray Magazine

Since I was at junior high school, I’ve always listened to the Japanese music like BUMP OF CHIKEN and flumpool. Actually, I like Japanese dramas like ‘Pride’ as well.
Source: Myojo Magazine

Songs that  are composed by me are similar to jpop style. Actually, most of them are inspired by Japanese dramas and movies, for example, the  drama “Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu” and “Sunao ni Narenakute”.
Source: Kboom July
Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu movie title is the last lyric of Kimio)

so yea. heh.