Thursday, December 8, 2011

third post of the day - pelik kan?

Nope, not here in the defense of K-POP. more like to criticize so-called 'K-Poppers' out there.

Recently Sya linked this to her K-POP friends on FB, and at first panas la gak but I cooled down thinking 'lol what would the world be without these stupid bishes type of people?'
but then Aziera commented saying that it's actually fake, and it's a police case now, sending a link to this :

after that I started scrolling down the forum then scrolling down the comments... and discovered how stupid some 'K-poppers' can be.

Menggunakan nama Allah demi K-POP? ish. ni pelik nihh. (plus notice how she said she thinks that the girl is pretty, but then mentions her eyes are ugly. ?? cantik ke tak?)

tapi scroll down lagi... memang tak boleh jadi!!!

And so on and so on and so on. this was plucked out of the first 200 comments, out of 1685 comments that was posted on this fake blog, created to dis this Amira Afiqah girl. apparently, it was successful. congratulations, anon.
but what has been created just for the sake of bullying is a bunch of teenagers using Allah's name to curse other people.

I'm not really that strong religion wise, I'm just an average Muslim girl but when I see posts like these.. it makes me sad. Assalamualaikum is no longer used to greet someone for their well being but to trash other people.

'jngn ah hina die do. kita ni Islam!!'
oh, so it's not okay to hina Yoseob, but it's okay to curse at a fellow Muslim?
dah elok-elok pakai tudung, comel lagi siap ade misai macam kucing... sekali mencarut teruk-teruk. erm, awkward?
 Pastu nak pakai firman-firman lagi... tak payah lah.. Kalau dah pandai sangat mencarut dekat orang yang tak dikenali sebab kau sayang orang yang tak kenal kau, firman pun tak berkesan...

I was so ashamed to see that 99% of these commenters were from my own blood and race, and my own beautiful religion. and to think that this news spread to the whole world is such an embarrassment. and as you can see, higher authorities are already considering K-POP as a bad thing. why? cuz the people who cursed and made death threats the most, were 'K-poppers'.

to anyone out there who's reading this and are K-POP fans themselves, please, sedar diri lah sikit. cuba tengok, tak pasal-pasal hal ni dibawa ke polis sedangkan it's just a child's play really. why do we have to go to the extremes of loving someone so bad then hate someone else so bad? and before we comment and make our own conclusions, why don't we think for a second, and realize that this is just a bad joke? pastu menggunakan nama Tuhan kita... memang tak patut.

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  1. haha, kau salah faham doh, blog aku bukannye kutuk kpop tapi kutuk budak yg terlalu taksub dengan kpop, tolong baca sebelum menilai

  2. er, saya dah bace.. tak tau plak orang yang menulisnya sebenarnya Ahmad. maaf , tapi ni dah salah faham. saya respect your post actually, and even posted it on my Facebook untuk bacaan orang ramai. Terima kasih atas nasihat anda.