Wednesday, December 28, 2011

three things.

one - this song. is. epic. can't get it out of my head :))

please please please please if you have time please listen to this song.. cuz I want someone else to agree that this song is epic-ly addictive XDD
and I want someone to sing with me when I get to school *__*

two. troll-anon-ing :)

at Hanis's Tumblr XDD it was so funny, really. kesian gak at times, but I think she deserves it :P I'm the anon ever since I asked 'what does your URL mean?' hehe :)

three. mom got cupcakes with my face on it.

I was soooo embarrassed. there's a story behind it, really. mom was asking the baker to make samples, so she asked for my picture (cuz she was too excited about my results, I think) so this is what happened. cupcakes.. with my face clearly printed in edible ink on it.
It was for a kenduri we're gonna have on January, and no, they won't be giving this out. mom wanted to make them for Umar and Haris :3 this is just for sample.

I'm quite happy with how I look, actually. Thank God they edited it before they printed. the one where I'm wearing a blue tudung, my lips were pale because I was in tuition and it was really cold. then the other one I had a zit on the bridge of my nose, but that was edited out too. heh.
so, who wants Lynn cupcakes? :D


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