Monday, December 19, 2011

truthfully, i don't want to blog.

Why is he so gorgeous? ;_;


I deleted an old post to make this. I have two more posts after this, one is for PMR and the other is for 2012 - my 800th post. so I'm sorry if I haven't updated enough, or my updates are so short it doesn't count, or you can't relate to my updates therefore not entertained, but this is my reason. I'm saving my 800th post. lol.

so firstly I shall share with you what I shared with my Tumblr followers. ever since Yen Fern posted that thing on how k-dramas shouldn't be called dramas, I've been thinking about watching dramas. I am definitely not the drama type, who would patiently wait every week for the new episode and totally feel for the characters. but since our trial time for HyppTV had reached it's limit of 30 days, we barely watch TV anymore. we get roughly five minutes of preview every hour or so, and that is not very entertaining.

Mom had been so into Prison Break lately, she's been watching at least three episodes each day and she's at season 4 now. truthfully, Prison Break is much more dramatic then any Korean drama there is. every time they find a way to get away, somehow there must be something in their way. it just kills me. plus the amount of blood and killing... conversations between Prison Break followers would be "Hey is that guy dead yet" "no no he's still on the run. the other guy's dead though." "seriously? i was rooting for him!!"

so I decided to not sit next to mom every single time she's watching it, just sometimes when I'm really really bored. therefore to relief my boredom, I've decided to start downloading dramas :)

yes I don't watch online, because I'm that lazy. since we have UniFi, one of the fastest .. connector? i have no idea but yeah, Bakmal introduced us to torrent :) this is how I let my mom watch Hello Stranger and I watched Heaven's Postman. those are all on the external, but apparently dramas use bigger space, so knowing my dad has an unused hard drive that he put in his laptop (currently has 55GB free space *0*) I decided to keep it all there, until I get my own laptop (hurr).

therefore, I cannot watch my dramas when my mom is using ayah's laptop purposely instead of hers to watch Prison Break. which is why I'm here, on mom's laptop, talking to you guys about my drama plans. I am so lifeless.
see I didn't actually explain that much detail in my Tumblr. cuz well all those are kinda personal. so this is what I actually posted :

I'm currently watching You're Beautiful, because everyone says it's good and I should watch it. I finished downloading Heartstrings, now I'm downloading Jungle Fish 2. Then I'm gonna download Pasta
I'm not really big on dramas, practically the only drama I've watched and followed is Dream High. Now that I don't subscribe to the channel we usually watch it on, I'll probably be streaming Dream High 2 when it starts. Not sure yet. I'll wait forFlower Boy Ramyun Shop to end, then I'll download it.
Can you guys recommend me any good dramas you've been watching? TV has been boring recently, since the channels available now are so expensive to subscribe. So most of my family members are spending more time on their laptops. Once I get my own laptop, watching dramas would be so much easier!
Well this'll probably be the last post of the day, I have another seventeen episodes of Jang Geunseuk, Jung Yonghwa and Lee Hongki to watch.. oh yea and Park Shinhye too.

I even tagged like the actors I mentioned so that if someone was searching and would see my question they would respond but the only person who noticed was Hanis T_T I'm such a loner on Tumblr.

so yeah. although I asked that question, now that I think about it I've already planned to watch so much, why am I bothered to download some more right now?
but heck, if you guys have any good dramas just tell me. I'll download the torrent and watch it when I feel like it. which is probably never but whatever. mom finished watching her three episodes of Prison Break and told me to go to sleep at twelve. FML.


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