Monday, January 30, 2012

new fb game.

meet Joel, Suki and Luka.

I don't know, I thought I was protesting against FB games since it's the only reason to Facebook addiction, but this one is too cute..
I have a limit of four people in one group... the next should be a guy, because I don't like the other girl choices.
omg I totally forgot about my role-plays. aigoo.
what am I talking about it's a school night and I didn't even do my homework (damn house practice).



after 9 teasers, this finally comes out. a song that doesn't catch the ear at all, something only people who had been fangirling over them for the past months and had been supporting SMent can appreciate.
I'm sorry SM, your attempt to make group that's better than SuJu has failed to amuse me.


clear awesomeness, a talent that had clearly been MIA ever since April 2011.
Block B, why's your comeback so late again? do you not know how many people love your music? ;~;


in other stories.

just sharing a FNC bro thing. I've never been a big fan of FT Island, but good songs are good. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hubble first sleepover - 27-28 Jan 2012.

shut up
so yesterday at 9.30am, my mom drove me to Ika's house and I was greeted by Ika, Ain and Ili. I walked upstairs and saw Sya and we immediately started hugging and squealing like little chipmunks. we watched a little Hello Baby MBLAQ while waiting for the others, so later came Khairun, Shahira and last but not least Aina (because she just got back from Indonesia that morning).

before Aina came we watched a before-lunch movie, First Love, the Thai movie with that gorgeous Mario Maurer in it (who would mind watching a movie with that hottie in it a million times) and these immature sixteen-year-olds were fangirling like crazy over this guy. especially Ili, who I found out is a total drama queen and totally feels for movies (quote; 'NO GIRL YOU ARE SO UNAPPRECIATIVE KESIAN THAT GUY HE'S NOT THAT BAD. NO NO OMG KESIAN NYEEE GET BACK ON THAT MOTORBIKE LIKE NAO'). they all loved Mario Shone and his sweetness, and Ida who was falling out of love for Kyuhyun said that she wants Mario as her idol guy now XD

then when we were on our way to Ika's grandma's house, Aina came so we went ramai-ramai. berderet budak-budak sesat, running by construction sites like little kitties being stared down by pervert bulldogs. ate fried rice and fried chicken, washed our hands at the outside pipe (cuz we were scared to go inside and suddenly make like a lot of noise cuz they were literally only old people (plus Deeba, Ika's cousin).) On our way back I had an itch to run back home with Shahira and Ili because I wanted to show off.

got back home, hmm what did we do next? just hung around actually XD Shahira got so many Star Calls, got one from Boyfriend (Donghyun and JEONGMIN <3 <3) then this morning got from Teen Top (Ricky and NIEL <3 <3 but poodle hair huhu ;A;) so lucky. that's the reason I wanted Samsung Galaxy in the first place. but then, if CNBLUE holds a concert here (if most probably not omg my negativity) my mom wouldn't allow it, for sure, cuz I got the effing phone.

anyways. we started watching Sunny too, but then by 6 they all wanted to watch Running Man. I got kinda bored of it so I went to clean up (was the first, everyone else stank lol jk) after that went downstairs for PASTA DINNER~! everyone was so hyper, Ika and Ida said even with all the boys around the house is never this noisy (6 siblings vs. 9 hyperactive girls - unfair). there were so many funny things, simply said we were sooo hyper.

we started playing games after dinner. the first was inspired by MBLAQ - the Apartment Game.

difference is, we have seven girls playing, so it hurts a whole lot more at a whole lot more places. there was a time where I was the second floor and I felt like I couldn't breath. the loudest was Ika, who couldn't help laughing (as usual) and the most aggressive were Ain and Ili. it was really fun, but the easiest to get tired from and the noisiest, so Ida got really annoyed, lecturing us about how we have neighbours.

so next we played a 2PM inspired game - Hide and Seek; One Room and a Hoodie version.

we used an easy slip-on hoodie backwards and Ili's sleeping.. eye patch thingy.. (not very wide on vocabs right now) for extra protection. first to go was maknae Shahira. was the longest. bully habis-habisan. I was standing on the sofa with pillow covering my legs up to above my knees. Ida was hiding under the huge sack-chair (she was small enough) and the rest just ran around. She felt the pillows, but not high enough to feel me, so she went somewhere else (pheww). in the end she caught Sya.
Sya wasn't as long, and I was hiding among the shelves - actually climbed on it like Taecyeon's super climbing abilities, but I had no idea how Sya knew I was there - she kept feeling until she got my foot T T
so mine wasn't long, really. I just felt around a bit then I caught Aina who silly-ly got herself stuck into a corner. so we got a bit tired and started watching Sunny again (because we didn't finish it before). was quite happy everyone enjoyed it.

after that everyone started cleaning up while watching random videos. Sya confirmed that she's going at 11.30 and Shahira got permission to sleepover (borrowed some clothes though lol) then when everyone was ready (except for Ili she was still showering, but she's not in Hubble anyway) we started the Truth Talk. then from that we started talking about scandals. Khairun asked 'Tapi group kitorang takde lesbian kan?' and we all kept quiet. truthfully, only Sya, Shahira and I had the 'gay' talk with each other. the rest of us are rather secretive bout this. except Ida maybe she tells Ika. We looked at Khairun while talking about all the gay cases and she's like 'Alaa tak kisah la. I knew something like this would happen in a girls school.' probably the rest of us gave a silent sigh of relief.
then from that we started having a religion talk, and after that I performed Isyak prayer and it was the most khusyuk one I've had for months now. it's kinda scary actually. but knowing the truth is always a tiny bit scary.

we did random stuff after Sya left then after convincing ourselves we're gonna end up sleeping anyway Ain, Aina and Ili got ready the bed in Ika's room. the switched off the lights, along with Ida around 12. Ika, Khairun, Shahira and I stayed up until around 2, then decided to watch Confessions, this Japanese movie I want so many people to watch (I probably didn't review it, because I found it on TV, not online, but later downloaded it), but it's such a brain-working story none of us could concentrate without yawning. so after I dozed off at around 2.55, maybe 3, they probably decided they should just switch it off.

the next thing I knew, the group I've been kinda getting sick of, started singing in my ears.
#nowplaying - The Boys (Japanese Ver.) Girls' Generation.

I thought someone (ehem Shahira ehem) just probably woke up and decided to watch SNSD videos for awhile and would turn down the volume sooner or later, but it never happened. I got annoyed and sat up. no one was awake, except for maybe Khairun who was moving around from annoyance. I pushed Shahira's head a couple of times then searched under her pillow for her phone and snoozed the alarm. then, facepalm. why the heck did I snooze it.
I stayed up awhile until it came up again for me to switch it off. then fell back asleep around 5.19, after listening to the subuh azan and checking my phone. woke up from my own alarm at 6.05, fell back asleep, woke up again from my mom's message at 6.41. decided I should pray first before checking the message. woke everyone up for prayers, then read:

'Salam Nana dah solat ke? Ayah suruh u balik awal cos kita kena gi Seremban tak da org kat umah. Must come home by 10 or earlier. Call when ur ready ok'

while they were all praying I took a warm shower and dressed up. packed up. the only waking humans afterwards around 7 were Khairun and Shahira and I. so we watched videos on Shahira's Samsung Galaxy Ace *killing her silently* after awhile got bored and I really gotta do my homework so started picking on Ika. later everyone finally woke up and went to watch early HIMYM. not everyone enjoyed it, was laughing with Khairun only. finally, breakfast came and we went downstairs lifeless-ly (total opposite of last night huh). everyone ate the nasi lemak except for me and Shahira (yay for karipap) then started talking and gained life again. called mom and asked her if I could stay a little longer to do homework and she agreed, after Ika promised we did homework.

how can you trust us, really?

after everyone cleaned up we watched Confessions. they agreed it was good. Japanese thrillers. you'll never be disappointed.
Khairun really wanted to watch the movie but she had to leave early so it was too bad. when the movie finished I could finally concentrate on my homework... not. Shahira started playing a bunch of SNSD videos and the others were watching Hello Baby and I'm like, 'I can't even listen to Kimio properely!!' so I went inside Ika's room, thought of washing my face a bit but then fell asleep... up until 2.15 (T_T) missed Shahira going home (memang nak kena sepak, kenapa tak kejut?!) tried doing homework again, until 3 I didn't really do much and the rest were already leaving. I was invited to late lunch and mom called saying she's coming.

that's how the sleepover ended haha. really lame, I know. We made an effort of sending off everyone personally to the front door, until Shahira. then there were just too little of us and we were all really tired so. the end.

when it's complete, it also has an extra - Ili.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


my number 2 & 3 biases ~
they are SO cute >w<


...ya know, CNBLUE and FT Island are going to LA for Mnet's Concert this 9th March.
...ya know, SNSD went to New York and ever since then they never came to smaller Asian countries for their own tour/concert.

...ya know, CNBLUE's gonna perform in Taiwan in February.

...ya know, I've lost hope for CNBLUE to perform in Malaysia.

P.S, I wanna see Amber in a variety show with the rest of the f(x) members. I don't think I'll be continuing f(x) Koala, cuz I feel like they're completely ignoring Amber's existence.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

irony / dreams / influenced / warriors.

warning : long post.


My blog title is 'Life's Awful Funny'. that's not really negative nor positive, it's just an opinion that things happen without us expecting and we should just keep thinking happy thoughts so that it won't get to us.
The Japanese writing says 'nani shiyouka' which I took off Kagamine Rin's 'I Like You, I Love You', which means 'what's the point?' yes that's what I meant by irony. there's that sense of knowing things will go wrong, then the sense of not caring, what's the point.

but my quote. omg my quote.
it's a totally opposite of everything else, a line I took off CNBLUE's In My Head. 'It's a hope that will never waver'. yes stop it don't judge me.
I really wanted a quote off one of CNBLUE's songs, and well most of their songs are love songs, and if I pick one of my favourite songs it's the more depressing side of love songs (ie. Lie, Eclipse/Love in the Rain) and the none-love ones (like, well let's just say I can't relate because I don't hundreds of thousands of fans lol.
so after 15 minutes (it felt like hours, reading every line of every song) I finally gave up and used the quote on my Tumblr. I'm such a loser. what does all this metaphorically mean? its an addition of all negative energy and positive energy on my blog. there's no point, and people knowing Japanese will think I just threw in a bunch of stuff I like. which is sort of true, I mean I could've stuck the original quote the creator gave but no, I wanted it to be original. cheh. I should've known.

it's kinda hard to find a good quote, really. even that 'quote' isn't really a quote, it's more of a phrase. what to do now? sigh. readers, I hope you'll understand and bare with the stupidity of this blog for now. until I find a good quote. it must be lying there in Tumblr some where.

[edit] omg I found it.. CNBLUE's Coward ;w; how could I have forgotten..


after performing Subuh prayers, I went back to sleep and I had a nightmare.
it started off at a totally different school, with same schoolmates, plus guys. not specifically a group of guys, just a bunch of guys I know, added up to be the guys of Sri Aman (well I'm not sure if that's the name of the school in my dream tho ;_;) one class would be packed, cuz we only have 5 classes, one class already had like 45 students and yet more students are applying for the school. my deskmate was Nuryn ;A; and there were two new students in class and they asked us to move to the tables outside class for the new students (yes OUTSIDE CLASS, although we can still hear the teacher, we had to see through the windows and there would be a lot of distraction).
I soon learned the ones outside the class don't even learn much. one of the students (there were four to six of us outside) even brought a guitar and played it after teacher gives us homework. seeing the guitar, I immediately remember Pumpkin and hope that since I'm outside now it'll be easier to stalk her (stop judging, it's a dream).
suddenly there was an announcement that all of us had to attend a camp, and you get to be cabinmates with your deskmate. I high-fived Nuryn. then during recess I saw Azim, Ika's brother, playing around with his buddies and a polaroid camera. the pictures flew around and one of them was a picture of Azfar, back in standard 5. I don't know, I guess I miss the old Azfar (this leads to influenced, so if you're not interested with this dream just go straight ahead to that post down below). we were discussing how those boys are already in form 5 and still playing around (I think I'm stuck in 2011, Azim's 18 this year).

so later at the camp, we got into the cabin and there were three floors - the first and second, then the basement (well it's not underground, but the place was a hilly area so it goes down from the floor of the main entrance). I remember a teacher told me to do something and I just tried it, because Nuryn was willing to do it with me, but this stupid boy from my standard 6 class named Dinesh (how do I still remember this) teased me saying that I looked ugly, and he teased me saying that I'm pathetic, looking like that and liking -insertanameidon'twannamentionhere- so I started crying and ran off to the basement of my cabin. I cried, until Nuryn came and cheered me up. from crying, I left my glasses on a table there. this was the pair that I wear at home, my old pair. I have another which I wear outside.
the next day I went on wearing my new glasses. but at night time I wasn't comfortable wearing that one, so I decided to get the old one (we rarely go to the basement, since we're filled with activities anyway). but then I heard someone making a drink there (there was a small kitchen there too) so I was curious. I peeked in and there was this blonde guy, six foot tall. his whole body seemed a bit hazy, like he wasn't really there. he doesn't seem to notice it though. he was about to exit the kitchen and I think he saw me. I tried my best to hide away, but I think he just pretended like he didn't see me. he did look at me funny though.
as if I was the ghost there. as if I was hazy to him like he was hazy to me.

so I ran upstairs to the second floor and told Nuryn we HAD to leave, like NOW. Nuryn didn't believe me, she told me I was just dreaming. but I came to her bed and shook her hard, telling her we have to go. she finally opened her eyes, but then she turned really pale. I asked her what's wrong, and she pointed to the ceiling.
and there was the blonde guy, looking down on us from the roof with bloodshot eyes.

so I forced myself to wake up. yes I can do that XD in most of my dreams I'm rather conscious it's just a dream.
I told my parents this (my mom said the blonde guy must be one of my Korean guys, "ape tu, CNBLUE~" I told mom CNBLUE never bleached their hair T__T), and they said that 'mimpi adela permainan tidur' I said what does that mean and they were all like, lah takkan tak faham.
"...a dream is a sleeping game?"
"ohh, I forgot you anak America"
"lol takdela, explain please~ :3"
it simply just means that a dream is a game, nothing to be taken seriously about. I won't be seeing any ghosts anytime soon, is what mom was trying to assure me, but ayah started talking about dream philosophies. it would've been sort of interesting if he didn't stop halfway.


well as you've read this is about Azfar Adlan, someone that I had preferred the old one to the new one. also a bit of K-POP is also extracted into this.
in form 1 or 2, I can't remember, I came across Azfar's blog for dakwah-ing. I was kinda proud of him actually, I didn't think I actually had a friend like this. it's still alive, although not updated. the reason being is because he fell into K-POP.

yes, K-POP. the thing I loved the most had actually turned this Arab-wannabe into a SuJu member wannabe. his bias? SNSD's Tiffany. I know it's not bad, she's not sexy or anything, but she's pretty.
if you read his latest post, it's a comparison about flowers and rocks, and the conclusion (sort of) was rocks are better than flowers. haih. jatuh juga kawan aku ni.
through the blog, you can see his Facebook badge. yes, that's him doing a handstand. I can't begin with how lame this is.
sincerely, I thought he was different. he can like SNSD all he wants, he can buy a Tiffany pillow and sleep with it, he can do all the handstands and take all the pictures of it, make a whole album of all your handstands for all I care, but UPDATE YOUR DAKWAH BLOG. PLEASE. I miss reading something that makes sense and brings me back to Allah S.W.T. although there's still IniAnwarHadi on YT, but having a friend who actually does this makes me feel proud ;A;
that's all.



B.A.P. Best. Absolute. Perfect.
makes no sense at all, but I see where you're getting there.

all six members bleached their hair, and they came to Malaysia the other day, appeared on 8TV Quickie (if I'm not mistaken) the other day to promote :> we were all fangirling in the hall the first day of school when we discovered the maknae is '96 XDD not bias though, I don't think I have a bias in this, just love the overall concept.
Bunnies? Bunny colours? that's... creative lol. the fandom would probably be Bunny Warriors. BANWA, I bet, if shortened. they are Koreans after all. I mean, that's how SHINee's World turned into SHAWOL. how B1A4 got BANA I still don't have a clue but yeah.

it's kinda hard to recognized them, this sort of helped me.

the first part of the song didn't really catch my attention, until... Zelo rapped. yup. that totally got up and running. no one ever admitted they got shortened of breath when they rapped before lol. bold move, Zelo.
no comment other than that, but yeaah.
SMent, I had never watched EXO's teasers, so stop making them and wasting money and just release a MV already.



Jonghyun never held hands or gave flowers to his girlfriends??

Lee JongHyun

When I was young, I heard if you clasp hands, you break up easily. So I never clasp hands (with my girlfriend).

His sister doesn’t like the flowers that she received from her boyfriend, so he decided to never give flowers to his girlfriend.
this man so simple minded.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tumblr talk.

1. Exceeded daily post limit.

HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. oh hay Jonghyun looking hot as usual I had never exceeded a post limit before T_T what's the post limit anyway? 500? I've posted hundreds in a 24-hour-time-phrase but I guess I never posted 500 ;_;

2. I love all 123 followers of mine ;_; Never though I'd come to this. next aim : 150 ;A; that would be so awesome.

3. New theme/layout :D
no not on this blog although I'm planning to >w< Need to find time though. starting on homework and chores again so this will be a new mission.
so, printscreens of my theme c:

credits to gyapo@tumblr ;w; I tweeked the background images, and the description box to adjust to my desc, but otherwise it's all hers :'D

so the features:

(the red boxes)
The Player

chose this song because it's how I feel about my Korean guys :'3 and I think the intro is a bit more warning-ish to turn down your volumes, rather than a booming song that just suddenly plays when you open a new tab. I mean ofc I like CNBLUE's songs better, but this song also fits the starry (?) concept of my blog haha.
more info on the player : gyapo and ixora 

the Description Box and the Navigation Bar
it's so pretty, isn't it? ;w; I just love cursor-over things, like you wouldn't know if you weren't curious. it's just the best, and one of the reasons I chose this theme.

Energy Saving Mode
genius creation by OnlineLeaf.

If you guys want, go to my blog :D truthfully, don't make an account lol. if you don't really blog you're just taking up URLs and then there will be too many users online and whatnot. unless you're planning to blog anime, cuz I need to follow more anime/Japan themed blogs. lol.

you don't have to reply.

Monday, January 23, 2012


the naughty birthday boy wearing shoes inside the house.
the aqiqah lamb being roasted
family picture
happy faces in the kitchen
Umar and Daddy
my cousins loved Umar.
tempat melepak kitorang
one of the rare pictures of Bakmal
proses memotong jambul
just Haris being super-adorable, sleeping on Daddy's shoulder.
the tastiest snack - apam polka dot. there's blueberry jam inside! :D
credits to Ibu.
 the foster children arriving
Umar's beautiful birthday cake
Team Sup Kepala 
(yes, the lamb's head! freaky. I refused to wash that periuk.)
failure of taking a group picture. but I guess it's okay.
waving goodbye to the kids
pals. and Umar's double peace.
family photo

The story of Kenduri Aqiqah / Doa Selamat / Doa Kesyukuran / Umar's Birthday, 23rd January.

So yesterday we all slept at 2am. typical when you're cooking for a kenduri yourself. but I believe people had not slept at all when they're fully cooking and preparing for their kenduri. we still had catering because it's an akiqah and we don't know how to 'do' the lamb.

anyways. woke up a little late. had 'breakfast' then started cleaning up and stuff. cleaned up and got ready. awkward moments when my mom's side of my relatives were around too, and you were searching for stuff in your room and your aunt was lying on your bed wearing only kain batik e___e then you see a pair of your cousin's boxers on a suitcase and you swear never to use that suitcase ever again.

so as usual, during tahlil and all that mom would rush me to give people gift bags and all that and as usual, embarrassing moments for me. happy to see people my age, for once (the aunt who gives me a ride home was there too, along with three out of four of her daughters, all of whom I'm acquainted with). can't help but laugh when I see them smiling when they got the gift bags (mom told me not to give kids, as in under 18, except for them).

there were times when I sat at the back cuz my cousins were there and I didn't wanna be the only one in the living room with old people. so Kak Yati started a conversation with me, 'Na, Elyna suka Korea-Korea eh?' 'Ah, ha ah..' 'oo, tengok cerita Heartstrings tak??' 'Heartstrings?! OFC. Tau tak the main character tu??' 'oh yang Yonghwa tu?' '-already in heaven cuz she knows his name- Ha ah--'
then mom told me to give the gift bags. potong steam je. I was about to tell her all about CNBLUE =3=

then things got busy and I had times when I wasn't sure where exactly to go, where to sit and if I should eat or not. by one, my cousins were gone to Amcorp and I was lost even more. big disaster, the caterer didn't wash the plates and glasses (how unprofessional!!) and a cousin, an aunt and I had to wash it and dry it because more people were coming =="

Zohor came, and I found an excuse to slip myself upstairs for awhile. cleaned up, got ready for the foster children to come, and also Umar's birthday celebration, then they came :) they were so small, I pitied them so much.. imagine not having parents and living together with about 20 other kids your age, having to share love from someone who's not even blood-related to you.
had to go around the tables for about three times, giving out so many things. had a big smile seeing the girls changing their bubble bottles to pink ones.
Umar's birthday cake was beautiful too. I admire Kak Ain's taste - rainbow cakes, definitely one of the best cakes there is. didn't get to taste much though, but I think it was a little dry lol. and the fondant used for deco wasn't very edible.

actually there were many complaints bout the cake maker - the colour used for the cake was white, orange, green and pink, although I think it's kinda clear Umar Mikail is a boy's name; the pictures of Haris and Umar on the cupcakes and oreos were unclear - they didn't edit it. sort of fits the fact that it's cheaper though. lack of Photoshop skills.

by 3.30, I went upstairs, hit the air-con button and feel right asleep in mom's bedroom, right till 5.30, when mom called me to salam my relatives, who were leaving. cleaned up, was quite satisfied with the amount of washing I did, although I've done worse better (it really depends on what you're talking about) then did nothing useful. until now. might post this a bit later cuz I want to post with the pictures. so just pretend you're reading this on the 23rd.


P.S, there were people expected (or most probably should've, at least to say hi) to come but never showed up, and in the end we concluded they didn't come because there were people they didn't like who came.
I can't believe adults can be so immature. no matter what the hell he said, he's your brother. just because of his stupidity, you decide to offend everyone else who forgave him (for his stupidity)?
Really, now I don't even mind not being close to those cousins of mine. I now know where they got their mentality from.

guitar to the power of two.


pretty eyes.
-Hoya Infinite-

Friday, January 20, 2012

lol always


-am dying from role-playing-
I have two RP accounts currently, one as Luna f(x) and another as Jihyun 4minute. yup, decided to take up girls this time. And these role-plays are much.. friendlier? or was I just shy as Jonghyun? Idk. well I don't know how long this will last though XD still trying to get Luna with someone.. maybe Sandeul but he hasn't been online.. and I'm not planning to be active on Jihyun XD cuz I'm not that big a fan, I actually wanted Jiyoon but I always confuse between the two ><" (name wise, I mean.)

currently I'm at Kak Ain's lab, where I was supposed to help Kak Ain baby-sit Haris but all he seems to want is milk so I can't do anything bout that. the others went to see a sick relative.

recently my phone had been playing sad/slow songs. it's kinda annoying, but I guess it kinda suits the mood right now. I mean, the Hubble members aren't coming online all at the same time, and last night Sya was too tired so she went to sleep early. I heard something about changing the day of the sleepover but I don't know.
then about J. man am I worried about her. the problem about the fight might be a slip-off, but I did something that might make her hate me forever.. but it's for her own good, ya know? she can't go through it alone.

...I wonder if babies can get eye bags from not enough sleep. I don't think Haris is getting enough sleep. he used to sleep all the time now all he does is cry for milk. but I still love it when he laughs it's so cute.

still wondering why they're a ballad group.



Isn't he just the cutest? :') 
omg I feel like squishing you~~~~

from my new RP, as Luna f(x)~
I thought maybe I could put her together with Jonghyun but..
he's with Victoria -irony-


okay first of all, I.. finally said something to J. YenF, what I had to do wasn't so hard, but to me it felt so tough. I called her just now, and apparently she's.. not angry at me, and I sort of don't wanna be angry at her, but I guess she didn't forget about it neither.
hmm, I felt like hugging her at that time. if only I talked to her face-to-face. but it would be another one of those awkward hugs, wouldn't it?

then secondly, SYA'S BACK FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! :3 was so excited when she finally called me just now. she explained that she didn't have time to take down everyone's number, including mine, Ili's and Shahira's. when Ain and Ida were talking about it during recess the three of just kept silent from sadness. huhu.
so she told me that in her dorm there were a bunch of Boices :'33 I got extremely excited when she said that and my family started teasing me and I had to move to a private place.
then Sya told me that most of them liked Jonghyun the most. I'm like e_____e bish say what. then Sya told me that she backed me up and said that I'm officially married to him (this is where I go to heaven) and they were all like 'whoa okay I don't like him that much' THAT'S RIGHT BISHES YOU DON'T. okay exaggeration.

then we promised to talk about other stuff at Ika's sleepover :') I'm still excited about this sleepover. I hope everything goes well, I want this to be epic. I hope Aina will be back by then, we need ALL the Hubble members to be there, plus Ili pun ade lol.

oh yea, new variety! somehow I'm really into Boyfriend lately. they're all so cute :'3 plus the addition that half of them are '95ers... sigh~

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 392;

-a parody to Eva's letter challenge-

Day 392 ; A Letter to Someone You Wish You Could Talk to Right Now.

Dear.... J.

I really feel like slapping you right now.
Okay maybe not. But I'm really angry at you. I had a weird dream last night about you, probably from thinking to much. I don't know if I should just pretend nothing's wrong, cuz I feel like if we don't talk this out I'm never gonna ever forget it and I'll never be able to look you in the eyes sincerely like the other day again.

I almost cried in front of Ili, who I'm not really even that close to. Because I didn't know what to say, when I saw you looking at me and I couldn't look at you back. I wanted to say something, like 'are you okay about yesterday?' or 'you know, I lost my CNBLUE badge yesterday' but I couldn't. not even something that's not serious.

thing is... do you take it as seriously? or is it just another game to you? I mean, from the stories you tell you've probably had much more dramatic moments than yesterday. but yesterday was the most dramatic moment I've had since I entered form 1.
another thing is, why did you suddenly come up with it? I've known for quite awhile now, but I didn't tell you cuz Lea told me not to and you're all denying it and I'm not sure whether to believe you or not, and later you proved my suspicion right when you told me that yes, it's true.

now I'm not sure about all the other stuff you've told me. are you sincere? were all those stories you told true? or are they just made up? I can't tell. I probably should've been able to tell, I can hear it in your voice.

J, please. if there's anything just tell me the truth. you can trust me. I love you so much. I love you as much as I love Ika, who I've known since I was 8, and I've only been close to you since last year. imagine. please. don't make me not care about you anymore.
every time I think about this problem I get sad. and this is really depressing.

I can hold this act of not-knowing up for awhile, but later at Ika and Ida's sleepover.. I hope we can talk about this. I'm worried too, you know. I'm not just angry.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

so this is eargasm?

is forever dead.
oh is it 1st February already? no? T___T I wants it to be 1st February alreadyyyyy

oh in other stories, I haven't been reviewing movies lately! I got a bunch of homework but I don't really care so first off I'm gonna review 'Sunny', a Korean movie about teenage girls who found each other again when they grew up and decided to do the reunion they had promised each other. the problem is, they're all living different lives now, is it possible to reunite all seven of them again?

So the plot of the story was okay. the main character is a girl from the suburbs who moved to Seoul. she immediately found a bunch of friends and a new crush on her first week of school. why? cuz the person sitting behind her think she's cute. yes, that easy. imagine easily being sucked into a cool group right on your first day. too good to be true, right?

so the story puts in both the now story and a flashback in between them. it's a very cute story, with a lot of cursing, but a lot of sisterhood too. I loved it personally cuz it reminds me of Hubble. wait just the sisterhood part though. we're a lot different from them. lol.

second movie is the third Thai movie I had watched. personally, I hadn't yet been disappointed with a Thai movie. the first was Hello Stranger, which I only watched only because it was at Korea, but it turned out to be hilarious. the second was The Tin Mine, which was historical and based on a true story in the 1950's about a tin mine in southern Thailand. it was really good.

First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) had a very simple and typical ending, but the story line was really interesting. other than the ending, you'd never predicted any of the things to happen. and the above person in blue called Shone (or Mario Maurer, what a hottie <3) never show any real emotion at all; it's as if he treats every girl the same - really, really nicely. he's just too nice for his own good.

but all through the movie I was practically just drooling over Shone. really he's just too good looking, even my brother agrees. thing about Thais, my mom said, is that all the good looking people are mix-blooded, because the sex activity there is too wild O_O no comment.
but, I still recommend this movie! it shows how hard a girl works to win over a boy's heart, okay!

See? Isn't he just the cutest?? OwO

well there's a bunch of movies on my list, and also dramas but I'm waiting for holidays again muahaha. movies, I'll just wait for times I don't have much homework.

some things are better kept in diaries.


When I say high five and the person hold up her hand

and sometimes the 'hello?' thing works too.

I was so happy today wasn't as hot as yesterday. today it was really redup (hmm my vocabs suck) which suited the situation perfectly - almost half of the day we lived without electricity.

we were warned by Ustazah in second period that there won't be electricity, then at 10.15 (thankfully no lesson was going on, our chemistry teacher didn't come) it finally shut down, and everyone was busy making leaves to decorate the class. I didn't really feel the heat yet. had to be happy we had PJK in the morning and had time to cool down, cuz then we would be smelling a bunch of smells - or maybe just one, a bad one.

then after recess I could really feel the heat. so I brought my fan with me, and so did a bunch of everyone else. Ika said she should've brought her SuJu fan, but then reminded of Donghae's scratched face she changed her mind. but then it came back on again at 1.30 yay! :D

so I stayed back for Ranger Guides and the first thing discussed was Vice President - and Nadhrah got the position! :D she won by one vote against Xueh Wei and Thivyaa. what a miracle. then the second thing was The Gathering :D it was annual, I got involved in, form 1? then they made it a Ranger thing =3=
well I didn't get anything to do, and I'm not sure if I wanted to be under anything, because Xueh Wei was under Publicity and I'm not popular enough to publicize it, and Ika's under .. Cleanliness, I think? but Nadhrah's under Deco so maybe I can give a hand in that.
The Gathering's gonna be on the 24th March, and I wanna go. mom said no at first, because she thought it was another's school's gathering and there was gonna be dancing and boys and stuff and I'm like " that would be a campfire. this is OUR Gathering, at school, and with a bunch of Guides and Scouts." so she sort of gave in a little. not confirmed though. 80% confirmed.
when they asked which school should be invited, the first priority list was the PJ's commons - VI (seriously, first in the list? nampak sangat gatal), BB, Assunta, Samad. then a bunch of schools were written, including the forgotten La Salle, which was mentioned by Shahira. after awhile, a total of 43 schools, including Raffles Girl's School, (the school we visited in Singapore) Japanese International School and USJ 12 (Khairun's school XP) were listed. we concluded if each school got 20 students to come, 800+ people would come, which isn't as much as the whole of Sri Aman itself, but it was still a lot. hopefully not that many will come ><"

I remember VI once invited us and the invitation card was really cool - the theme was Red Indian, and they hand-designed the card and printed it on recycled (or maybe it was just brown) paper. So I hope we do something as cool as that - we are Sri Amanians, after all. people expect things from us.

so, that was my day (minus the drama) !!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the reason Japanese will forever be the creepiest cool people ever.


as time goes by.

kay I guess I should practice piano before starting my Powerpoint homeworks. but lemme blog about today first. (lol I delayed this for about two hours doing crap.. ah what's gonna happen to me I haven't even finished my powerpoints yet)

so second day of PMD was full of laughs and yawns. in the morning I can't remember how many times I yawned  because yesterday after coming home at six I went online and slept at 11.30. I know, crazy, I should've rested. so after all of us gathered in the hall we immediately broke a rule and all of us sat in 4SD. it was fun though.
the first hour was filled with Datin and Dr. giving speeches to encourage our school spirit. I was drawing both times. first for myself then Fatihah saw the drawing and asked if I can draw something on her notebook. I didn't draw any faces at all - the only feature was mouths. I kinda liked the sketchy concept I had, cuz I was too lazy to take out and eraser so the only way to edit was to improvise. the only bad thing about sketches is that it can look messy at times and kinda hard to see clean-cut details.

so after the speeches by our board of directors the next speaker talked about our personalities and how we can use it to get a job to fit us. I didn't really get an answer from this. but I do know that Shahira also wants to go to Japan (or Korea, but preferably Japan) to study, and she got R type which also includes engineering and Japan is popular for that. I got A type again, which stands for arts, which means I got all those typically creative things like fashion designer and interior designer and writer. the last one was okay, but it's not professional. still have no idea what to study in Japan. will probably end up just reading mangas at this rate.

talking about Shahira, I asked her bout yesterday and she said it's nothing serious - her eyes just got watery because they were open for too long. she said all she was saying was that Jonghyun is handsome. although I don't really believe her, I didn't wanna push her.

so after that was recess, and we were hanging around the turtle pond (I don't care what Iman Naadhirah says, I think they look pretty much like turtles and the other name is too hard to remember so). we played around with the turtles and Ika pointed her finger at one of them and suddenly it came towards her and bit her. she shouted, said 'It bit me!' then started laughing. I was used to this, but somehow Shahira found it amusing. she started re-enacting it and it was hilarious (cuz it wasn't Ika who did it). she told Ili and Ili re-enacted it too and we're like laughing our heads off. then she laughed while moving her torso 360 degrees and we're all like 'OMG THAT'S SO IKA' Even Ika laughed.

but then they kept using it to tease her I started to pity Ika. even her face was muka tak puas hati. so later when people were hitting Ili for no reason, it was kinda obvious it was karma. we laughed so much, other than during boring speeches and also when we made the acronym of INTI meaning Incredibly Nutritious Tasty Ice-cream. ours was sweeter than the others, one was I Need Therapy Immediately and the guy liked it :I If he liked the 'Imagination -something, something- Intelligence' I would've understood, but it probably was because another group did Intelligence -something,something- Imagination so. that was probably the most intellectual, probably made mostly by our classmates.
seriously though. if a group consisted of over 40 people, would you really expect good ones? most of the group members won't be giving any ideas at all.

in other stories, the weather today was really hot and humid. ah, global warming. I hate it.

Setsunaku furitsumoru Yuki no you ni mabushisugite 
Tsuyoku ikiteyuku Hana no you ni Shiawase ni nare...

-VOiCE, Hatsune Miku


Monday, January 16, 2012

I personally hate eye contact.

This had been a fact ever since I started noticing how I avoid looking at someone in the eye for more than 5 seconds. sometimes, two seconds. it's been a state that I'm comfortable with - if no one sees my eyes, no one will know what I'm really thinking. not that I keep much - most of the time I just say what I want when I'm with people who I know will still care about me even if I say weird or mean or bad things. t

Comel!!! haish. stretching plak die.
This should also explain why my eyes are so sepet. lol no lah it's just the way it is. Adilah said it's weird that when I don't wear my glasses my eyes become bigger. most people squeeze it so that they can see better. well if I want to see better I have glasses to help me, right?

Anyways talking about eyes. today was the first day of form 4 Program Maju Diri. we had a whole day of ceramah from this guy some of the girls knew from camp last year about 'Perisai Buat Perempuan' or as such. it's about avoiding simple tactics 'lelaki perosak' use to attract woman for 'privileges'.

so after recess there was one tactic which was through the eyes. 'pandangan mata' or in SA language, 'lirikan mata' (dramatic betul SA girls, kan?). so to explain what the guy meant when he mentioned 'that feeling that you get when you look someone straight in the eye' he told us to pair up and look each other in the eye, like seriously. at first I didn't have a partner. Dina with Ili in front of me, Aina and Ika beside me and Shahira and Ain behind me. this would've been a lot easier with Sya around. but then Shahira said she can't get serious with Ain. she said she wanted to do it with me, so in the end Ain paired with a new kid from her class.
truthfully I don't want you guys to read but.. I want to share. if you guys don't really care about me or had times when you judged me, please don't read this.

ahh, how can I say this? it was really awkward. at first I can't stop laughing of nervousness. I covered my face from my nose bridge downwards with my tudung (because I'm embarrassed to someone who doesn't even know how pretty she is). Then Shahira told me she really wanted to try it so I serious-ed. she even told me to come closer (how very specific to instructions =,= why can't we not follow rules once in awhile?) and.. we looked each other in the eye. awkwardly.

so after awhile the guy told us to say the name of our partner (damn this sounds wrong) in our hearts. it was kinda scary cuz you were looking at the person right in the eye and you called out the name, then you get this sort of warm feeling on your shoulders to the back of your neck, like a shudder. then after a few name callings the guy told us to say whatever we wanted to our partner - whatever that we've kept from that person.
the things I thought of was kinda lame - things like 'I was so happy when you got into Hubble, why do you have to like Yoona so much, you're a girl dammit, I'm sorry I was so scared to befriend you in form 1 and 2,' but after I ran out of ideas I just looked for hints of what Shahira was trying to tell me. but it wasn't in her eyes. it was all over her face. like, she looked kinda angry at me.

just when the guy said 'okay, now you can stop' I was sure Shahira had tears in her eyes, I stayed looking at her for two extra seconds to confirm it. that really freaked me out. what did I do??
after that I couldn't look at her face for quite awhile until I chilled a bit. she was trying to tell me what she thought of right after I turned back to the front but I didn't wanna hear. this wasn't the right place?

later on things went back to normal. we didn't talk about the eye thing at all though. not during Japanese, not after me and Dina ran away from Blue house practice because we didn't bring our PJK clothes and came to the canteen and lepak with them. I was planning to ask her what she was thinking at that time, but then there were Qiqi and Violet with her (Dina went home), so I didn't know how to start it. I asked her if she signed up for PGL crew yet and she said no and I said go and ask Adline la, she's part of crew, and suddenly the topic turned into a gay discussion - lesbian things happening around SA. seriously. how many times have I went through this. I retrieved very 'useful' information and yet didn't manage to ask what was Shahira thinking during the eye thing.
well at least we don't have homework.


Jonghyun looks like U-KISS's Kiseop here??

I like his highlights >w< 
CNBLUE rarely dye their hair light colours, 
but I think highlights like these suits Jonghyun :3
his hair doesn't have to be blazing blue

I love good quality pictures.
Look at how smooth his nose is.

MaknaeXMaknae!! :DD Have I mentioned I totally ship SHINee X f(x)? they're perfect with each other - 5 on 5. although Victoria's older, but SHINee is popular among noonas what :)
but Taemin's face looks a bit pink under that really blonde hair. I prefer his chestnut hair, although the hairstyle of that era sucked wasn't nice. too mushroom-y.