Monday, January 23, 2012


the naughty birthday boy wearing shoes inside the house.
the aqiqah lamb being roasted
family picture
happy faces in the kitchen
Umar and Daddy
my cousins loved Umar.
tempat melepak kitorang
one of the rare pictures of Bakmal
proses memotong jambul
just Haris being super-adorable, sleeping on Daddy's shoulder.
the tastiest snack - apam polka dot. there's blueberry jam inside! :D
credits to Ibu.
 the foster children arriving
Umar's beautiful birthday cake
Team Sup Kepala 
(yes, the lamb's head! freaky. I refused to wash that periuk.)
failure of taking a group picture. but I guess it's okay.
waving goodbye to the kids
pals. and Umar's double peace.
family photo

The story of Kenduri Aqiqah / Doa Selamat / Doa Kesyukuran / Umar's Birthday, 23rd January.

So yesterday we all slept at 2am. typical when you're cooking for a kenduri yourself. but I believe people had not slept at all when they're fully cooking and preparing for their kenduri. we still had catering because it's an akiqah and we don't know how to 'do' the lamb.

anyways. woke up a little late. had 'breakfast' then started cleaning up and stuff. cleaned up and got ready. awkward moments when my mom's side of my relatives were around too, and you were searching for stuff in your room and your aunt was lying on your bed wearing only kain batik e___e then you see a pair of your cousin's boxers on a suitcase and you swear never to use that suitcase ever again.

so as usual, during tahlil and all that mom would rush me to give people gift bags and all that and as usual, embarrassing moments for me. happy to see people my age, for once (the aunt who gives me a ride home was there too, along with three out of four of her daughters, all of whom I'm acquainted with). can't help but laugh when I see them smiling when they got the gift bags (mom told me not to give kids, as in under 18, except for them).

there were times when I sat at the back cuz my cousins were there and I didn't wanna be the only one in the living room with old people. so Kak Yati started a conversation with me, 'Na, Elyna suka Korea-Korea eh?' 'Ah, ha ah..' 'oo, tengok cerita Heartstrings tak??' 'Heartstrings?! OFC. Tau tak the main character tu??' 'oh yang Yonghwa tu?' '-already in heaven cuz she knows his name- Ha ah--'
then mom told me to give the gift bags. potong steam je. I was about to tell her all about CNBLUE =3=

then things got busy and I had times when I wasn't sure where exactly to go, where to sit and if I should eat or not. by one, my cousins were gone to Amcorp and I was lost even more. big disaster, the caterer didn't wash the plates and glasses (how unprofessional!!) and a cousin, an aunt and I had to wash it and dry it because more people were coming =="

Zohor came, and I found an excuse to slip myself upstairs for awhile. cleaned up, got ready for the foster children to come, and also Umar's birthday celebration, then they came :) they were so small, I pitied them so much.. imagine not having parents and living together with about 20 other kids your age, having to share love from someone who's not even blood-related to you.
had to go around the tables for about three times, giving out so many things. had a big smile seeing the girls changing their bubble bottles to pink ones.
Umar's birthday cake was beautiful too. I admire Kak Ain's taste - rainbow cakes, definitely one of the best cakes there is. didn't get to taste much though, but I think it was a little dry lol. and the fondant used for deco wasn't very edible.

actually there were many complaints bout the cake maker - the colour used for the cake was white, orange, green and pink, although I think it's kinda clear Umar Mikail is a boy's name; the pictures of Haris and Umar on the cupcakes and oreos were unclear - they didn't edit it. sort of fits the fact that it's cheaper though. lack of Photoshop skills.

by 3.30, I went upstairs, hit the air-con button and feel right asleep in mom's bedroom, right till 5.30, when mom called me to salam my relatives, who were leaving. cleaned up, was quite satisfied with the amount of washing I did, although I've done worse better (it really depends on what you're talking about) then did nothing useful. until now. might post this a bit later cuz I want to post with the pictures. so just pretend you're reading this on the 23rd.


P.S, there were people expected (or most probably should've, at least to say hi) to come but never showed up, and in the end we concluded they didn't come because there were people they didn't like who came.
I can't believe adults can be so immature. no matter what the hell he said, he's your brother. just because of his stupidity, you decide to offend everyone else who forgave him (for his stupidity)?
Really, now I don't even mind not being close to those cousins of mine. I now know where they got their mentality from.

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