Tuesday, January 17, 2012

as time goes by.

kay I guess I should practice piano before starting my Powerpoint homeworks. but lemme blog about today first. (lol I delayed this for about two hours doing crap.. ah what's gonna happen to me I haven't even finished my powerpoints yet)

so second day of PMD was full of laughs and yawns. in the morning I can't remember how many times I yawned  because yesterday after coming home at six I went online and slept at 11.30. I know, crazy, I should've rested. so after all of us gathered in the hall we immediately broke a rule and all of us sat in 4SD. it was fun though.
the first hour was filled with Datin and Dr. giving speeches to encourage our school spirit. I was drawing both times. first for myself then Fatihah saw the drawing and asked if I can draw something on her notebook. I didn't draw any faces at all - the only feature was mouths. I kinda liked the sketchy concept I had, cuz I was too lazy to take out and eraser so the only way to edit was to improvise. the only bad thing about sketches is that it can look messy at times and kinda hard to see clean-cut details.

so after the speeches by our board of directors the next speaker talked about our personalities and how we can use it to get a job to fit us. I didn't really get an answer from this. but I do know that Shahira also wants to go to Japan (or Korea, but preferably Japan) to study, and she got R type which also includes engineering and Japan is popular for that. I got A type again, which stands for arts, which means I got all those typically creative things like fashion designer and interior designer and writer. the last one was okay, but it's not professional. still have no idea what to study in Japan. will probably end up just reading mangas at this rate.

talking about Shahira, I asked her bout yesterday and she said it's nothing serious - her eyes just got watery because they were open for too long. she said all she was saying was that Jonghyun is handsome. although I don't really believe her, I didn't wanna push her.

so after that was recess, and we were hanging around the turtle pond (I don't care what Iman Naadhirah says, I think they look pretty much like turtles and the other name is too hard to remember so). we played around with the turtles and Ika pointed her finger at one of them and suddenly it came towards her and bit her. she shouted, said 'It bit me!' then started laughing. I was used to this, but somehow Shahira found it amusing. she started re-enacting it and it was hilarious (cuz it wasn't Ika who did it). she told Ili and Ili re-enacted it too and we're like laughing our heads off. then she laughed while moving her torso 360 degrees and we're all like 'OMG THAT'S SO IKA' Even Ika laughed.

but then they kept using it to tease her I started to pity Ika. even her face was muka tak puas hati. so later when people were hitting Ili for no reason, it was kinda obvious it was karma. we laughed so much, other than during boring speeches and also when we made the acronym of INTI meaning Incredibly Nutritious Tasty Ice-cream. ours was sweeter than the others, one was I Need Therapy Immediately and the guy liked it :I If he liked the 'Imagination -something, something- Intelligence' I would've understood, but it probably was because another group did Intelligence -something,something- Imagination so. that was probably the most intellectual, probably made mostly by our classmates.
seriously though. if a group consisted of over 40 people, would you really expect good ones? most of the group members won't be giving any ideas at all.

in other stories, the weather today was really hot and humid. ah, global warming. I hate it.

Setsunaku furitsumoru Yuki no you ni mabushisugite 
Tsuyoku ikiteyuku Hana no you ni Shiawase ni nare...

-VOiCE, Hatsune Miku


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