Wednesday, January 11, 2012

because I'm done with my assignment.

Finally finished the assignment I volunteered to do. Hopefully I did a good job. although usually compared to my classmates I would make the simplest Powerpoints. -is sad-
I should just thankful that it's that time of the month so I have an extra 25 minutes in a day. it should end today though.

So to deduce my sadness and stress from add-maths homework (it's hard, but I like the feeling of my brain working) I watched a few videos to see how my future boyfriend would look like act.

purple hair? I don't mind but I don't know bout my parents.
loljk get rid of that junk.

The awkward Youngmin -sigh- well at least he didn't 'drink' like his twin.
always the more responsible older twin (right? a question that can never be answered).

always so playful.
you have no idea how many times I end up in these type of situations when I was younger, and my brothers would tease me and start picking on me until sometimes I thought it was that serious that I cried. my brothers would just laugh.
now I'd probably panic but cover-line sikit. and laugh it off after I resolved the problem. no more cry-baby Lynn.

Youngmin was frustrated in a scene they were doing and kept messing up until the director scolded them.
I don't mind a sensitive boyfriend, I'd probably be frustrated myself and the Hubble girls would be like 'chill, chill, relax. takde apape la.' then Ili would be like 'Take a chill pill' and I'll be like '...that's tacky.'


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