Friday, January 20, 2012


Isn't he just the cutest? :') 
omg I feel like squishing you~~~~

from my new RP, as Luna f(x)~
I thought maybe I could put her together with Jonghyun but..
he's with Victoria -irony-


okay first of all, I.. finally said something to J. YenF, what I had to do wasn't so hard, but to me it felt so tough. I called her just now, and apparently she's.. not angry at me, and I sort of don't wanna be angry at her, but I guess she didn't forget about it neither.
hmm, I felt like hugging her at that time. if only I talked to her face-to-face. but it would be another one of those awkward hugs, wouldn't it?

then secondly, SYA'S BACK FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! :3 was so excited when she finally called me just now. she explained that she didn't have time to take down everyone's number, including mine, Ili's and Shahira's. when Ain and Ida were talking about it during recess the three of just kept silent from sadness. huhu.
so she told me that in her dorm there were a bunch of Boices :'33 I got extremely excited when she said that and my family started teasing me and I had to move to a private place.
then Sya told me that most of them liked Jonghyun the most. I'm like e_____e bish say what. then Sya told me that she backed me up and said that I'm officially married to him (this is where I go to heaven) and they were all like 'whoa okay I don't like him that much' THAT'S RIGHT BISHES YOU DON'T. okay exaggeration.

then we promised to talk about other stuff at Ika's sleepover :') I'm still excited about this sleepover. I hope everything goes well, I want this to be epic. I hope Aina will be back by then, we need ALL the Hubble members to be there, plus Ili pun ade lol.

oh yea, new variety! somehow I'm really into Boyfriend lately. they're all so cute :'3 plus the addition that half of them are '95ers... sigh~

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