Sunday, January 1, 2012

first post of 2012.


Post for everyone's knowledge. looks like her task as a teacher has been fulfilled.

well not much to say. Penang was tiring. I wish I was at home to spend New Year, watching fireworks from Amcorp through the usual window we always watch fireworks from and wishing everyone Happy New Years online. I gotta get ayah to buy us broadband, seriously.
but I guess the whole Penang trip tied all eight of us together. I'm getting all lovey-dovey with Haris now heh. he's just so innocent and cute, not like Umar who uses his cuteness for evil baby doings.
this 23rd Umar's turning two and 11th Haris's turning two months. sigh. my nephews. I'm hoping it'll be a niece next, but not too soon. these two are already a handful - even with all six of us helping.

so tomorrow my parents and I are gonna do last-minute shopping for school and daily stuff. Holidays are almost over, it's a whole new year and we need a fresh start. also on Tuesday Hubble are gonna gather at Ika and Ida's new (really awesome and pretty and futuristic and modern and totally new and totally breakable) house, cuz there's gonna be a lunch buffet party and Andrew's so we're gonna go together. I heard Aina's not coming, but then she's not in AC anyway, but then it won't be complete so that's a little sad.
well, happy 2012 everyone. hopefully this year won't be too hard on me, and just treat me the way other years had - decently.

p.s, who knows if the koperasi is opened during the hols? I doubt it but, who knows. I didn't buy my tags for my tudungs T T

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