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Hubble first sleepover - 27-28 Jan 2012.

shut up
so yesterday at 9.30am, my mom drove me to Ika's house and I was greeted by Ika, Ain and Ili. I walked upstairs and saw Sya and we immediately started hugging and squealing like little chipmunks. we watched a little Hello Baby MBLAQ while waiting for the others, so later came Khairun, Shahira and last but not least Aina (because she just got back from Indonesia that morning).

before Aina came we watched a before-lunch movie, First Love, the Thai movie with that gorgeous Mario Maurer in it (who would mind watching a movie with that hottie in it a million times) and these immature sixteen-year-olds were fangirling like crazy over this guy. especially Ili, who I found out is a total drama queen and totally feels for movies (quote; 'NO GIRL YOU ARE SO UNAPPRECIATIVE KESIAN THAT GUY HE'S NOT THAT BAD. NO NO OMG KESIAN NYEEE GET BACK ON THAT MOTORBIKE LIKE NAO'). they all loved Mario Shone and his sweetness, and Ida who was falling out of love for Kyuhyun said that she wants Mario as her idol guy now XD

then when we were on our way to Ika's grandma's house, Aina came so we went ramai-ramai. berderet budak-budak sesat, running by construction sites like little kitties being stared down by pervert bulldogs. ate fried rice and fried chicken, washed our hands at the outside pipe (cuz we were scared to go inside and suddenly make like a lot of noise cuz they were literally only old people (plus Deeba, Ika's cousin).) On our way back I had an itch to run back home with Shahira and Ili because I wanted to show off.

got back home, hmm what did we do next? just hung around actually XD Shahira got so many Star Calls, got one from Boyfriend (Donghyun and JEONGMIN <3 <3) then this morning got from Teen Top (Ricky and NIEL <3 <3 but poodle hair huhu ;A;) so lucky. that's the reason I wanted Samsung Galaxy in the first place. but then, if CNBLUE holds a concert here (if most probably not omg my negativity) my mom wouldn't allow it, for sure, cuz I got the effing phone.

anyways. we started watching Sunny too, but then by 6 they all wanted to watch Running Man. I got kinda bored of it so I went to clean up (was the first, everyone else stank lol jk) after that went downstairs for PASTA DINNER~! everyone was so hyper, Ika and Ida said even with all the boys around the house is never this noisy (6 siblings vs. 9 hyperactive girls - unfair). there were so many funny things, simply said we were sooo hyper.

we started playing games after dinner. the first was inspired by MBLAQ - the Apartment Game.

difference is, we have seven girls playing, so it hurts a whole lot more at a whole lot more places. there was a time where I was the second floor and I felt like I couldn't breath. the loudest was Ika, who couldn't help laughing (as usual) and the most aggressive were Ain and Ili. it was really fun, but the easiest to get tired from and the noisiest, so Ida got really annoyed, lecturing us about how we have neighbours.

so next we played a 2PM inspired game - Hide and Seek; One Room and a Hoodie version.

we used an easy slip-on hoodie backwards and Ili's sleeping.. eye patch thingy.. (not very wide on vocabs right now) for extra protection. first to go was maknae Shahira. was the longest. bully habis-habisan. I was standing on the sofa with pillow covering my legs up to above my knees. Ida was hiding under the huge sack-chair (she was small enough) and the rest just ran around. She felt the pillows, but not high enough to feel me, so she went somewhere else (pheww). in the end she caught Sya.
Sya wasn't as long, and I was hiding among the shelves - actually climbed on it like Taecyeon's super climbing abilities, but I had no idea how Sya knew I was there - she kept feeling until she got my foot T T
so mine wasn't long, really. I just felt around a bit then I caught Aina who silly-ly got herself stuck into a corner. so we got a bit tired and started watching Sunny again (because we didn't finish it before). was quite happy everyone enjoyed it.

after that everyone started cleaning up while watching random videos. Sya confirmed that she's going at 11.30 and Shahira got permission to sleepover (borrowed some clothes though lol) then when everyone was ready (except for Ili she was still showering, but she's not in Hubble anyway) we started the Truth Talk. then from that we started talking about scandals. Khairun asked 'Tapi group kitorang takde lesbian kan?' and we all kept quiet. truthfully, only Sya, Shahira and I had the 'gay' talk with each other. the rest of us are rather secretive bout this. except Ida maybe she tells Ika. We looked at Khairun while talking about all the gay cases and she's like 'Alaa tak kisah la. I knew something like this would happen in a girls school.' probably the rest of us gave a silent sigh of relief.
then from that we started having a religion talk, and after that I performed Isyak prayer and it was the most khusyuk one I've had for months now. it's kinda scary actually. but knowing the truth is always a tiny bit scary.

we did random stuff after Sya left then after convincing ourselves we're gonna end up sleeping anyway Ain, Aina and Ili got ready the bed in Ika's room. the switched off the lights, along with Ida around 12. Ika, Khairun, Shahira and I stayed up until around 2, then decided to watch Confessions, this Japanese movie I want so many people to watch (I probably didn't review it, because I found it on TV, not online, but later downloaded it), but it's such a brain-working story none of us could concentrate without yawning. so after I dozed off at around 2.55, maybe 3, they probably decided they should just switch it off.

the next thing I knew, the group I've been kinda getting sick of, started singing in my ears.
#nowplaying - The Boys (Japanese Ver.) Girls' Generation.

I thought someone (ehem Shahira ehem) just probably woke up and decided to watch SNSD videos for awhile and would turn down the volume sooner or later, but it never happened. I got annoyed and sat up. no one was awake, except for maybe Khairun who was moving around from annoyance. I pushed Shahira's head a couple of times then searched under her pillow for her phone and snoozed the alarm. then, facepalm. why the heck did I snooze it.
I stayed up awhile until it came up again for me to switch it off. then fell back asleep around 5.19, after listening to the subuh azan and checking my phone. woke up from my own alarm at 6.05, fell back asleep, woke up again from my mom's message at 6.41. decided I should pray first before checking the message. woke everyone up for prayers, then read:

'Salam Nana dah solat ke? Ayah suruh u balik awal cos kita kena gi Seremban tak da org kat umah. Must come home by 10 or earlier. Call when ur ready ok'

while they were all praying I took a warm shower and dressed up. packed up. the only waking humans afterwards around 7 were Khairun and Shahira and I. so we watched videos on Shahira's Samsung Galaxy Ace *killing her silently* after awhile got bored and I really gotta do my homework so started picking on Ika. later everyone finally woke up and went to watch early HIMYM. not everyone enjoyed it, was laughing with Khairun only. finally, breakfast came and we went downstairs lifeless-ly (total opposite of last night huh). everyone ate the nasi lemak except for me and Shahira (yay for karipap) then started talking and gained life again. called mom and asked her if I could stay a little longer to do homework and she agreed, after Ika promised we did homework.

how can you trust us, really?

after everyone cleaned up we watched Confessions. they agreed it was good. Japanese thrillers. you'll never be disappointed.
Khairun really wanted to watch the movie but she had to leave early so it was too bad. when the movie finished I could finally concentrate on my homework... not. Shahira started playing a bunch of SNSD videos and the others were watching Hello Baby and I'm like, 'I can't even listen to Kimio properely!!' so I went inside Ika's room, thought of washing my face a bit but then fell asleep... up until 2.15 (T_T) missed Shahira going home (memang nak kena sepak, kenapa tak kejut?!) tried doing homework again, until 3 I didn't really do much and the rest were already leaving. I was invited to late lunch and mom called saying she's coming.

that's how the sleepover ended haha. really lame, I know. We made an effort of sending off everyone personally to the front door, until Shahira. then there were just too little of us and we were all really tired so. the end.

when it's complete, it also has an extra - Ili.

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