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irony / dreams / influenced / warriors.

warning : long post.


My blog title is 'Life's Awful Funny'. that's not really negative nor positive, it's just an opinion that things happen without us expecting and we should just keep thinking happy thoughts so that it won't get to us.
The Japanese writing says 'nani shiyouka' which I took off Kagamine Rin's 'I Like You, I Love You', which means 'what's the point?' yes that's what I meant by irony. there's that sense of knowing things will go wrong, then the sense of not caring, what's the point.

but my quote. omg my quote.
it's a totally opposite of everything else, a line I took off CNBLUE's In My Head. 'It's a hope that will never waver'. yes stop it don't judge me.
I really wanted a quote off one of CNBLUE's songs, and well most of their songs are love songs, and if I pick one of my favourite songs it's the more depressing side of love songs (ie. Lie, Eclipse/Love in the Rain) and the none-love ones (like, well let's just say I can't relate because I don't hundreds of thousands of fans lol.
so after 15 minutes (it felt like hours, reading every line of every song) I finally gave up and used the quote on my Tumblr. I'm such a loser. what does all this metaphorically mean? its an addition of all negative energy and positive energy on my blog. there's no point, and people knowing Japanese will think I just threw in a bunch of stuff I like. which is sort of true, I mean I could've stuck the original quote the creator gave but no, I wanted it to be original. cheh. I should've known.

it's kinda hard to find a good quote, really. even that 'quote' isn't really a quote, it's more of a phrase. what to do now? sigh. readers, I hope you'll understand and bare with the stupidity of this blog for now. until I find a good quote. it must be lying there in Tumblr some where.

[edit] omg I found it.. CNBLUE's Coward ;w; how could I have forgotten..


after performing Subuh prayers, I went back to sleep and I had a nightmare.
it started off at a totally different school, with same schoolmates, plus guys. not specifically a group of guys, just a bunch of guys I know, added up to be the guys of Sri Aman (well I'm not sure if that's the name of the school in my dream tho ;_;) one class would be packed, cuz we only have 5 classes, one class already had like 45 students and yet more students are applying for the school. my deskmate was Nuryn ;A; and there were two new students in class and they asked us to move to the tables outside class for the new students (yes OUTSIDE CLASS, although we can still hear the teacher, we had to see through the windows and there would be a lot of distraction).
I soon learned the ones outside the class don't even learn much. one of the students (there were four to six of us outside) even brought a guitar and played it after teacher gives us homework. seeing the guitar, I immediately remember Pumpkin and hope that since I'm outside now it'll be easier to stalk her (stop judging, it's a dream).
suddenly there was an announcement that all of us had to attend a camp, and you get to be cabinmates with your deskmate. I high-fived Nuryn. then during recess I saw Azim, Ika's brother, playing around with his buddies and a polaroid camera. the pictures flew around and one of them was a picture of Azfar, back in standard 5. I don't know, I guess I miss the old Azfar (this leads to influenced, so if you're not interested with this dream just go straight ahead to that post down below). we were discussing how those boys are already in form 5 and still playing around (I think I'm stuck in 2011, Azim's 18 this year).

so later at the camp, we got into the cabin and there were three floors - the first and second, then the basement (well it's not underground, but the place was a hilly area so it goes down from the floor of the main entrance). I remember a teacher told me to do something and I just tried it, because Nuryn was willing to do it with me, but this stupid boy from my standard 6 class named Dinesh (how do I still remember this) teased me saying that I looked ugly, and he teased me saying that I'm pathetic, looking like that and liking -insertanameidon'twannamentionhere- so I started crying and ran off to the basement of my cabin. I cried, until Nuryn came and cheered me up. from crying, I left my glasses on a table there. this was the pair that I wear at home, my old pair. I have another which I wear outside.
the next day I went on wearing my new glasses. but at night time I wasn't comfortable wearing that one, so I decided to get the old one (we rarely go to the basement, since we're filled with activities anyway). but then I heard someone making a drink there (there was a small kitchen there too) so I was curious. I peeked in and there was this blonde guy, six foot tall. his whole body seemed a bit hazy, like he wasn't really there. he doesn't seem to notice it though. he was about to exit the kitchen and I think he saw me. I tried my best to hide away, but I think he just pretended like he didn't see me. he did look at me funny though.
as if I was the ghost there. as if I was hazy to him like he was hazy to me.

so I ran upstairs to the second floor and told Nuryn we HAD to leave, like NOW. Nuryn didn't believe me, she told me I was just dreaming. but I came to her bed and shook her hard, telling her we have to go. she finally opened her eyes, but then she turned really pale. I asked her what's wrong, and she pointed to the ceiling.
and there was the blonde guy, looking down on us from the roof with bloodshot eyes.

so I forced myself to wake up. yes I can do that XD in most of my dreams I'm rather conscious it's just a dream.
I told my parents this (my mom said the blonde guy must be one of my Korean guys, "ape tu, CNBLUE~" I told mom CNBLUE never bleached their hair T__T), and they said that 'mimpi adela permainan tidur' I said what does that mean and they were all like, lah takkan tak faham.
"...a dream is a sleeping game?"
"ohh, I forgot you anak America"
"lol takdela, explain please~ :3"
it simply just means that a dream is a game, nothing to be taken seriously about. I won't be seeing any ghosts anytime soon, is what mom was trying to assure me, but ayah started talking about dream philosophies. it would've been sort of interesting if he didn't stop halfway.


well as you've read this is about Azfar Adlan, someone that I had preferred the old one to the new one. also a bit of K-POP is also extracted into this.
in form 1 or 2, I can't remember, I came across Azfar's blog for dakwah-ing. I was kinda proud of him actually, I didn't think I actually had a friend like this. it's still alive, although not updated. the reason being is because he fell into K-POP.

yes, K-POP. the thing I loved the most had actually turned this Arab-wannabe into a SuJu member wannabe. his bias? SNSD's Tiffany. I know it's not bad, she's not sexy or anything, but she's pretty.
if you read his latest post, it's a comparison about flowers and rocks, and the conclusion (sort of) was rocks are better than flowers. haih. jatuh juga kawan aku ni.
through the blog, you can see his Facebook badge. yes, that's him doing a handstand. I can't begin with how lame this is.
sincerely, I thought he was different. he can like SNSD all he wants, he can buy a Tiffany pillow and sleep with it, he can do all the handstands and take all the pictures of it, make a whole album of all your handstands for all I care, but UPDATE YOUR DAKWAH BLOG. PLEASE. I miss reading something that makes sense and brings me back to Allah S.W.T. although there's still IniAnwarHadi on YT, but having a friend who actually does this makes me feel proud ;A;
that's all.



B.A.P. Best. Absolute. Perfect.
makes no sense at all, but I see where you're getting there.

all six members bleached their hair, and they came to Malaysia the other day, appeared on 8TV Quickie (if I'm not mistaken) the other day to promote :> we were all fangirling in the hall the first day of school when we discovered the maknae is '96 XDD not bias though, I don't think I have a bias in this, just love the overall concept.
Bunnies? Bunny colours? that's... creative lol. the fandom would probably be Bunny Warriors. BANWA, I bet, if shortened. they are Koreans after all. I mean, that's how SHINee's World turned into SHAWOL. how B1A4 got BANA I still don't have a clue but yeah.

it's kinda hard to recognized them, this sort of helped me.

the first part of the song didn't really catch my attention, until... Zelo rapped. yup. that totally got up and running. no one ever admitted they got shortened of breath when they rapped before lol. bold move, Zelo.
no comment other than that, but yeaah.
SMent, I had never watched EXO's teasers, so stop making them and wasting money and just release a MV already.


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