Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jonghyun stories.



 I heard JongHyun always looks after the two members (MinHyuk and JungShin)
JongHyun: I pretend to look after them but disappear in a while.

YongHwa: JongHyun has his own ways.


 JongHyun: The second song, “Get Away” is a song I wrote specifically for live performances.
-It has a very speedy feel to it. Even just listening it on a CD, I could naturally imagine the live performance of the song.

JongHyun: I’m glad my intention worked. To be honest, I wanted to perform this song early at our tour last time, but I restrained myself and we showed just little bit of WYA.

-When you created “Get away”, did you actually watch videos of live performances?

JongHyun: Since I already have the experiences of live performances well ingrained in my body, I didn’t watch videos to write the song or anything. But in my mind, as I brainstormed about how I’d like to do the next live performance and how to structure the song, I realized that many of our songs are in medium-tempo. From there I thought, If we add more upbeat tune, we would have more intense and energized live performances.

JungShin: By the way, “Get Away” is the most recently written among the songs.

JongHyun: It was finished two months ago.
Source: ARENA37C

After two years.

Can't wait for the single to be released. (February 1st)

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