Saturday, January 7, 2012

let's restart.

okay so I've had a tough first three days plus Saturday. but let's push that aside so that I won't be making 2012 a bad year. let's start thinking positively, and move on for the better.

  • I've got to stop crying for no reason. this is not Elyna. remember the Elyna who wouldn't cry to sad movies? be her. be strong-hearted and be happy. don't forget to smile. that's what made your year in 2011 - you always had a reason to smile. now all you've got to do is find a reason to smile everyday.
  • my classmates will be classmates. if you remember well in form 2 you had almost the same classmates, but you were in the circle, thanks to Xueh Wei. what you're feeling now is probably what some of the people outside the circle were feeling then. just remember - they don't determine whether you're happy or not. just enter class, study, and clean your window. at least you've got Iman and Ika.
  • the only reason I had homework problem this week was because I've been procrastinating. just finish your homework. you don't have to go online. you already explained yourself on the RP, right? they can wait. and you don't need to blog. you have a diary, remember? and I had three weeks to finish my piano homework. I just didn't. also anytime that's good for practicing piano (weekdays from 2.30-4 and 5-6.30 are appropriate times) just practice. homework can be done at night, but not practice. onlining can be done at night, not practice.
  • no one will be able to replace Sya, but I can't hang on to her neither. everyone in Hubble can't hang on to her. everything that happens has a reason, Allah made it so, and I've got to believe that this is happening for her own good. instead of worrying about her, I should be rooting her on. 
Self encouragement - because no one else will do it for you lol. they've got their own problems, and only themselves to solve it - I should understand.

for serious post.
fangirling time.*warning : you don't have to read it really. just scroll down for the CNBLUE fangirling. that's a little more.. appropriate.
or you don't have to read at all really it's okay. 

you can still close the tab now.

My ideal type?
I've decided.

He should have a tall lean body like Niel of Teen Top. hair like his too.

Yup. that some awesome fluffy hair.
I've always loved Neil's hair, ever since Supa Luv. it's just so... smooth <3
also, I don't want him to be too tall like Minhyuk or Jungshin. they're like, 184, 187 respectively. -dies- I'll just be hurting my neck. ideal height is around 177-180 ^^
the way he dresses is like the first GIF of Neil - just a t-shirt will do.

his personality - Youngmin from Boyfriend.

he's not very popular compared to the other members (although I find Hyunseung the most under-rated) but I think his blonde hair and cute personality is the most attractive thing about him. 
In EPOP he said he wants to be the type of boyfriend that seems acuh-tak acuh (how do I translate this?) but is actually very caring
I also once saw on Tumblr the cameraman asked who does he find the most annoying member and he said Jeongmin and later told to not be mistaken, he's actually closest to Jeongmin. it's like Xwei-Pri relationship. just so.. cute.
watching Pink Christmas MV just makes me feel like pinching him every time he smiles with his teeth showing. he also doesn't do many intentional aegyo, and he doesn't stand out- but that's okay. I like guys who stay at the background - not many people tend to like them. I can have him all for myself <3

face? I want him to have dimples. that's all. I just love people who have dimples. pumpkin Jonghyun, for example.
Other things bout Jonghyun?
lol actually I've thought about it. I want him to have determination and skills like Jonghyun. Jonghyun is the type who strives to be better (have you seen CNBLUE shows? every time they're in the waiting room Jonghyun's practicing, still.) I also want him to be able to play the guitar (well, good, is really serious in it for the music) and have a voice like his. People say Jonghyun's voice is like rain, and I can't deny it - it's just that smooth.
most importantly, I want him to like me for who I am ^^ looks like I'm waiting for a college boyfriend lol. I can't imagine a guy my age accepting someone who's average looking. neither can I imagine any of them being mature enough hurr.

sigh. why am I such a loner. 
...because I love fangirling!! 

CNBLUE Blue Storm in Hong Kong - just recently T__T they're going to Taiwan in Feb. -mixedfeelings-
first two pictures - Jonghyun putting on badges on his shirt.. he is just so gorgeous <3 and fair <3 
third picture - JH checking his fringe lol derp. it's okay though. 
long gone is the long wavy hair he wore for Where you are promotions. it looks a bit lighter-coloured too. I prefer his short hair ofc, but I didn't mind his long hair.

Is this really still a problem?? People are so annoying. why can't they just believe that FNC artists do have talents? and the only reason you don't know this is because you're too ignorant? Even I took some time to believe they don't play live in Music Shows but even if so why come to the conclusion that they can't play? 

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