Friday, January 6, 2012

annyeonghaseyo, leader Sya imnida.

okay so in here Jonghyun didn't look too bad (what an understatement he looked freaking hot and tall and lean, not fat or buff..) but what happened in the picture?! ==


Eva, I almost got into the same class as you. changed my mind though.

so today was a really tough day. so many people teared up today. it was really tiring. the retiring teacher (who I wanted as our chem teacher actually, she looks nice. but then Pn. Yeo shouldn't be too bad, Ika knows her from Eco Rangers so.) reminded me of Sya leaving. during recess she even said that she was 'retiring' too. very funny, but not funny. I gave her a cold look at any joke she made about her leaving the school.

you had no idea how we felt when we knew on Fridays we only have two periods after recess. although actually it's just the same timing, just the recess difference, it makes school feel a lot shorter. I love it. but thing is I wasn't going home straight. I was waiting until 2 for Ika's transporter to pick us up and send us to Sya's house - we were gathering together for the last moments with Sya before she leaves on Sunday.

so after many tears and sweat, when we were supposed to arrive at 2 at Sya's house sent by Ika's transporter, it was my mom who sent us at 3.20. Ika and I can't even smile until we saw Sya. Shahira was already there with her younger sister, Zarina (a totally adorable six year old girl with half-black teeth, we call her Rina) and Ain and Aina just came from Aina's apartment. Khairun couldn't make it. it was one of the sad things of this afternoon.

we lepaked in Sya's house, just enjoying the moments we have left. even called Khairun. she was really sad she couldn't make it, but she lightened the us up anyways with just her voice. we also found out that Sya only left school at 2.30, walking. she was searching for teachers and documents around the school, and missed her van. it was a really bad day for the three of us. and also Ida, I guess.

the day we planned for this gathering, Shahira was planning to buy us pizza. she told us to not tell Sya - it's a surprise. so today she was about to order when she whispered to me,

"Ape nombor Domino's?"
sengal. nak order pizza tak tau number.

thankfully I have a way with numbers *cough* therefore able to provide it. the rest of us were discussing about boarding schools in Sya's room. mom told that the school Sya's going to is quite old, so who knows? it could hopefully be different. so far I haven't told anyone bout my discussion with mom other than on his blog. I hope she'll be happy there, like she is (was? not sure anymore) in Sri Aman.

so soon the pizza came. Shahira refused to let Sya go out. we were all blocking her. Aina and Ika helped distract her in the kitchen, Ain, Shahira and I got ready the table, Rina watched and Ida was onlining (wow big help there). when we were bringing Sya to her room for the surprise, she looked really... 'surprised'. lol I think she had an idea of what was going on. people don't ask for addresses for no real reason.

so we ate <3 Shahira ordered Aloha Chicken with extra cheese :') and pepperoni. all medium. and garlic bread and that twisted bread thing. and nuggets and a lava chocolate cake specially for Sya. and there was coke. after Sya officially started the feast, we started digging in. masing-masing saling suap-menyuap. for memories. I like feeding people, and I like being fed but I'm worried I'll look stupid. have to learn how to control, if not boyfriend lari muahahah.

after that we watched Music Bank. Ain was kept echoing that she might be leaving soon so we did a group huddle. you know those type of things you see in sports movies when they're discussing tactics. only this one is the more emotional version. everyone was tearing up. Sya was holding up the most, but broke down later anyway. Rina looked from afar.
you know, we all admitted that apart from Hubble, none of us had ever actually had this group of friends that will stick together through thick and thin, a group of friends that you can depend on.

'Every year we get close to a person in class, but the next year we're not close anymore because we're in different classes. But Hubble is different. We're not about class. we're about each other.
The moment when I thought that we're going to stick together forever, one member leaves. and this just breaks my heart.'
this was what every member was thinking in conclusion.

after the crying session, Sya suddenly made an announcement - that she's recruiting Shahira as an official Hubble member.
you had to see Shahira's face at that time to know how touched she was. even her eyes were red from tears.
we took pictures before Ain left, then one by one we left. Sya gave a special goodbye-waving for each of us. when she was waving Ika, Ida and I off Shahira and her sister was the only ones left. Shahira waved at us with a blank face. we were laughing so hard in the car.

we sent endless hearts and flying kisses to Sya. that will be the last time we see her until awhile - in that blue t-shirt and purple track pants, her hair tied in a ponytail. all three of us in the car were in school clothes, still sticky from school sweat. but did that really matter? Sya was never going to be part of the recess gang, making loud comments and making us laugh and showing her obsession on Gikwang and talking about latest MVs and good songs and variety shows and her stupid KP friends and funny things happening in her class with her funny classmates. all those memories will be kept forever, and I'll surely smile every time I think about it. Until we meet again, Syarifah Amirah Huda, a.k.a. Leader of Hubble, Sya <3


Plus Shahira;
will wait for the day when she doesn't being in front of the camera instead of behind it.

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