Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I forgot to tell you guys - I finished watching 'Crying out Love, In the Center of the World', another Japanese movie Jonghyun recommended. I can't remember the title very well, Sekai ni Cheshin something something. oh no. there goes my Japanese.

so it wasn't bad. I mean 2 hours 18 minutes was long, and every time I thought 'okay I might need to put toothpicks between my eyelids to keep them open' something interesting happens and I take the thought back. but then that moment only lasts awhile. Japanese movies, haiyoo.
although the plot is very predictable - two people from different sides of the world become the best matched couple but the girl get some type of disease and dies. but they have additional stuff that makes the typical an hour and a half movie into a two hour movie, and also makes it that much more interesting. I don't recommend this movie to people who are expecting comedy or don't have the patience, but otherwise it's okay. hmm, three stars and a half?
no crying for me, my mom cried a bit.

*very BIG spoiler alert*
I also finished Heartstrings. a lot of crying. -biased, biased- I hated the ending. they sing together in the pub? what? you're always doing that - sing, I mean. why don't you guys do something else? I can't think of anything, but giving a public display of affection by singing love songs at each other? that is just tacky. I mean I preferred You're Beautiful's ending - at least they're playing around with each other, and they're by themselves, just the two of them. I would've preferred it they ended it at the park scene - a hug, a romantic line, the big kiss, then a cynical line to follow. I would end dramas like that. then people would be crying and smile in the end and say 'that was good.'

okay need more MOVIE recommendations. my mom asked for it just now and I'm like 'oh no I only have dramas left to watch' so any good movie will do ^^ thanks you guys~ and I'll search for the movie that YenF recommended. it's gotta be there, somewhere!

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