Wednesday, January 18, 2012

so this is eargasm?

is forever dead.
oh is it 1st February already? no? T___T I wants it to be 1st February alreadyyyyy

oh in other stories, I haven't been reviewing movies lately! I got a bunch of homework but I don't really care so first off I'm gonna review 'Sunny', a Korean movie about teenage girls who found each other again when they grew up and decided to do the reunion they had promised each other. the problem is, they're all living different lives now, is it possible to reunite all seven of them again?

So the plot of the story was okay. the main character is a girl from the suburbs who moved to Seoul. she immediately found a bunch of friends and a new crush on her first week of school. why? cuz the person sitting behind her think she's cute. yes, that easy. imagine easily being sucked into a cool group right on your first day. too good to be true, right?

so the story puts in both the now story and a flashback in between them. it's a very cute story, with a lot of cursing, but a lot of sisterhood too. I loved it personally cuz it reminds me of Hubble. wait just the sisterhood part though. we're a lot different from them. lol.

second movie is the third Thai movie I had watched. personally, I hadn't yet been disappointed with a Thai movie. the first was Hello Stranger, which I only watched only because it was at Korea, but it turned out to be hilarious. the second was The Tin Mine, which was historical and based on a true story in the 1950's about a tin mine in southern Thailand. it was really good.

First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) had a very simple and typical ending, but the story line was really interesting. other than the ending, you'd never predicted any of the things to happen. and the above person in blue called Shone (or Mario Maurer, what a hottie <3) never show any real emotion at all; it's as if he treats every girl the same - really, really nicely. he's just too nice for his own good.

but all through the movie I was practically just drooling over Shone. really he's just too good looking, even my brother agrees. thing about Thais, my mom said, is that all the good looking people are mix-blooded, because the sex activity there is too wild O_O no comment.
but, I still recommend this movie! it shows how hard a girl works to win over a boy's heart, okay!

See? Isn't he just the cutest?? OwO

well there's a bunch of movies on my list, and also dramas but I'm waiting for holidays again muahaha. movies, I'll just wait for times I don't have much homework.

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