Wednesday, January 18, 2012

some things are better kept in diaries.


When I say high five and the person hold up her hand

and sometimes the 'hello?' thing works too.

I was so happy today wasn't as hot as yesterday. today it was really redup (hmm my vocabs suck) which suited the situation perfectly - almost half of the day we lived without electricity.

we were warned by Ustazah in second period that there won't be electricity, then at 10.15 (thankfully no lesson was going on, our chemistry teacher didn't come) it finally shut down, and everyone was busy making leaves to decorate the class. I didn't really feel the heat yet. had to be happy we had PJK in the morning and had time to cool down, cuz then we would be smelling a bunch of smells - or maybe just one, a bad one.

then after recess I could really feel the heat. so I brought my fan with me, and so did a bunch of everyone else. Ika said she should've brought her SuJu fan, but then reminded of Donghae's scratched face she changed her mind. but then it came back on again at 1.30 yay! :D

so I stayed back for Ranger Guides and the first thing discussed was Vice President - and Nadhrah got the position! :D she won by one vote against Xueh Wei and Thivyaa. what a miracle. then the second thing was The Gathering :D it was annual, I got involved in, form 1? then they made it a Ranger thing =3=
well I didn't get anything to do, and I'm not sure if I wanted to be under anything, because Xueh Wei was under Publicity and I'm not popular enough to publicize it, and Ika's under .. Cleanliness, I think? but Nadhrah's under Deco so maybe I can give a hand in that.
The Gathering's gonna be on the 24th March, and I wanna go. mom said no at first, because she thought it was another's school's gathering and there was gonna be dancing and boys and stuff and I'm like " that would be a campfire. this is OUR Gathering, at school, and with a bunch of Guides and Scouts." so she sort of gave in a little. not confirmed though. 80% confirmed.
when they asked which school should be invited, the first priority list was the PJ's commons - VI (seriously, first in the list? nampak sangat gatal), BB, Assunta, Samad. then a bunch of schools were written, including the forgotten La Salle, which was mentioned by Shahira. after awhile, a total of 43 schools, including Raffles Girl's School, (the school we visited in Singapore) Japanese International School and USJ 12 (Khairun's school XP) were listed. we concluded if each school got 20 students to come, 800+ people would come, which isn't as much as the whole of Sri Aman itself, but it was still a lot. hopefully not that many will come ><"

I remember VI once invited us and the invitation card was really cool - the theme was Red Indian, and they hand-designed the card and printed it on recycled (or maybe it was just brown) paper. So I hope we do something as cool as that - we are Sri Amanians, after all. people expect things from us.

so, that was my day (minus the drama) !!

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