Friday, January 20, 2012


-am dying from role-playing-
I have two RP accounts currently, one as Luna f(x) and another as Jihyun 4minute. yup, decided to take up girls this time. And these role-plays are much.. friendlier? or was I just shy as Jonghyun? Idk. well I don't know how long this will last though XD still trying to get Luna with someone.. maybe Sandeul but he hasn't been online.. and I'm not planning to be active on Jihyun XD cuz I'm not that big a fan, I actually wanted Jiyoon but I always confuse between the two ><" (name wise, I mean.)

currently I'm at Kak Ain's lab, where I was supposed to help Kak Ain baby-sit Haris but all he seems to want is milk so I can't do anything bout that. the others went to see a sick relative.

recently my phone had been playing sad/slow songs. it's kinda annoying, but I guess it kinda suits the mood right now. I mean, the Hubble members aren't coming online all at the same time, and last night Sya was too tired so she went to sleep early. I heard something about changing the day of the sleepover but I don't know.
then about J. man am I worried about her. the problem about the fight might be a slip-off, but I did something that might make her hate me forever.. but it's for her own good, ya know? she can't go through it alone.

...I wonder if babies can get eye bags from not enough sleep. I don't think Haris is getting enough sleep. he used to sleep all the time now all he does is cry for milk. but I still love it when he laughs it's so cute.

still wondering why they're a ballad group.


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