Thursday, January 12, 2012

too often.


Bio. The class was discussing cell organelles. I don't know the answer to anything. I hear teacher say a name of something, then Gloria says what the use is, and later what the heck is said two minutes ago was forgotten. I really need to study if I want to keep up in this class. 
-post cut short. probably shouldn't post these stuff on a blog.-

I don't wanna care. I was-- oh crap I was supposed to call Shahira. is it too late? I'll just try to call her now. 
didn't get her. anyway.
the point of calling her is to talk about ko-ku registration tomorrow. thing is, I signed up for crew on the PGL Musical. I wanted to go for choir at first, but then it was clashing with Japanese class (Monday), so when opportunity came up for crew I quickly signed up. but then Eva's blog said Yee sensei is gonna try to change the day with form 2 (Thursday). the only glitch is if form 2's don't wanna change - they would wanna have clubs too.
thing is last year when me, Sya and Shahira watched PGL, we agreed that when we're in form 4 we'd be the crew of the whatever musical the school is gonna do next. so seeing Sya isn't around, I should tag Shahira along. she also asked if I wanted to enter orchestra with her and Ili. at the time I thought they were joking so I didn't take it seriously but then they actually went to see Pn Puteri so idk. but even if Shahira is in the orchestra she'd be in junior team so she won't be able to perform during the musical (right?) so she can still be crew.
another thing we thought of joining together was swimming club. mom actually agreed to that, so now it just depends if Shahira was actually serious. I mean, Jap, crew, Girl Guides, then I have piano, and in pure science, now swimming. I'll still need a club to enter though, cuz there's no Japanese/Language club anymore. so, swimming should be okay, right? oh yea, and me, Ida, Dina and Aina wanted to enter Blue house senamrobik. Hanisah, Samantha, don't be too hard on us.

so ko-ku schedule should look like this..
  • Monday : 2.30 - 4.30, Japanese. 4.30 - 5.30, Blue house senamrobik.
  • Tuesday : none
  • Wednesday : Girl Guides
  • Thursday : 4 - 6, Swimming club
  • Friday : none
  • Saturday : none
  • Sunday : 8.30 - 9.30, Piano class.
well it's not too bad, I mean the worse is that Monday is crammed, but then I have like two days free, probably for my PGL activities. Saturday night must be Tumblr time then. I should spend other time on homework so that I'll be free on Saturday.

Considering deleting my RP account. it's getting kinda old. basi, kalau kata orang Melayu.

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