Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tumblr talk.

1. Exceeded daily post limit.

HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. oh hay Jonghyun looking hot as usual I had never exceeded a post limit before T_T what's the post limit anyway? 500? I've posted hundreds in a 24-hour-time-phrase but I guess I never posted 500 ;_;

2. I love all 123 followers of mine ;_; Never though I'd come to this. next aim : 150 ;A; that would be so awesome.

3. New theme/layout :D
no not on this blog although I'm planning to >w< Need to find time though. starting on homework and chores again so this will be a new mission.
so, printscreens of my theme c:

credits to gyapo@tumblr ;w; I tweeked the background images, and the description box to adjust to my desc, but otherwise it's all hers :'D

so the features:

(the red boxes)
The Player

chose this song because it's how I feel about my Korean guys :'3 and I think the intro is a bit more warning-ish to turn down your volumes, rather than a booming song that just suddenly plays when you open a new tab. I mean ofc I like CNBLUE's songs better, but this song also fits the starry (?) concept of my blog haha.
more info on the player : gyapo and ixora 

the Description Box and the Navigation Bar
it's so pretty, isn't it? ;w; I just love cursor-over things, like you wouldn't know if you weren't curious. it's just the best, and one of the reasons I chose this theme.

Energy Saving Mode
genius creation by OnlineLeaf.

If you guys want, go to my blog :D truthfully, don't make an account lol. if you don't really blog you're just taking up URLs and then there will be too many users online and whatnot. unless you're planning to blog anime, cuz I need to follow more anime/Japan themed blogs. lol.

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