Thursday, January 12, 2012

when you're in class...

...and suddenly you feel hyper for no reason.


Ika and I went K-POP hyper in class during maths cuz well usually if we went K-POP hyper in class we'd be loners but now we have each other :3 didn't really care if we were too loud - they rest of the class were loud at others times. we all have our loud times, right?

well I didn't join swimming. cuz you have to pay RM300 each year for transportation and fees for instructors and the pool at UM so. no sports club for me (wasn't this what I planned?). so three free days. yay. 

ignore below post. about me planning my online shopping so.

LTTC - link \ (RM110 in. ship.)
392 Live - link how to order (RM110 in. ship.)
First Step LE - link  ^ (RM95 in. ship.)
BS '11- link ^ (RM115 in. ship.)

you guys must be thinking 'why the heck spend so much on these people? it's so damn expensive.'
yea well it's hard when you're in love with music. plus I didn't I tell you guys to ignore this? now you have unnecessary comments about K-POP fandom. thanks a lot.

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