Friday, February 3, 2012

about growing up.

Things I Like About Growing Up.

5. You learn to not expect things to go your way. You learn everyone has a decision on how your life will go, either directly or indirectly, no matter how much you control it. Everyone has a say, whether they know it or not.

4. You start realizing things like there are very useless people out there, that not everyone is wanted in this world or that Malaysian politics, or most politics out there really are stupid and superficial, or cats can never be as easily trained as dogs, especially when they get older. (btw, Comel is turning 7 this year, in human years [x7] is 49. you old kitty you.)

3. You stop having fluids running out of your nose every time you cry.

2. You start understanding more things that you didn't before like why our parents are so over-protective over us and why education is important and why you should do time management and prioritize. (even though so you can still act like a little kid and do important things in the last minute)

1. You become more mature and stop troubling other people. You learn to do your own things and let people do their things. It makes the whole world come to peace.

Things I Hate About Growing Up.

5. People expect more from us. People expect us to be so matured and never are we allowed to have fun once in awhile and just watch Spongebob.

4. You can never realize it when someone you love doesn't love you back. We become blinded, don't we? No matter how mature we are.

3. You still have fluids when you have a flu.

2. Parents or people we understand in general might not ever actually understand us, or understand that we understand. They think we never did grow up and treat us like we're still 5.

1. Grown ups are the ones who trouble people anyway. The more powerful a person, the more they decide to trouble people for their own selfish reasons. People don't learn when they're doing something wrong, or since they're older they decide they can do whatever they want. Those type of people are grown up, but never will they mature.

*This is my own opinion on things, from what I've been through. Maybe you have other opinions, ya know.

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