Friday, February 10, 2012

cepat, quick, pali, hayaku.

jum jum jum sjafjashKA!!

firstly, Eva I listened to Shiningray, sorry to say it doesn't catch my ear T T

secondly, road run tomorrow. I have no strategy, no one to run with, and utterly confused between being competitive and going as an emo girl or being the happy friends-first girl and run with Hubble. the only one in Blue with me in Hubble is Aina, and Dina hangs with us too so. I guess I can just talk bout the Hunger Games with Dina and fangirl bout Josh Hutcherson being in it. while jogging. muahaha. 

truthfully I wanna get at least the red card, I mean I had never gotten a card before, and that's just sad in my opinion. I want Blue to not get last anymore!! :'( but really, do you think I can really do it? the other day during practice we were just breeze walking and I felt really tired. 
I know what most main characters would say though. Naruto. Sora. Luffy. Haru. 
seriously, the most over-used word in the Japanese entertainment world XD

thirdly, I just got into Part 2 of The Hunger Games and all the blood and knife talking is really starting to freak me out. I can already see myself squirming in the cinema. we all know how much of a winny I am when it comes to knives and blood. but this book it too interesting to ever give up, sincerely. I wanna write like this. 

fourthly, I watched B1A4 Sesame Player ep.1. B1A4 never fails to make me laugh. apparently Sandeul is a real crusher and he likes a sunbae-nim ;A; hopefully not a noona, but I doubt it. he's quite old for a rookie last year anyway (1992'er). but really Gongchan is not like one of those babo Koreans who act really stupidly for entertainment. much like Minwoo, he's actually quite smart, looking behind all his aegyo.

fifthly, I wanted to talk about Hubble ><" honestly this was supposed to be a Hubble post or maybe rant, but mom said I need a lot of rest if I want to get that red card so. well it'll have to wait, Hubble. maybe tomorrow when I'm supposed to update bout the road run, I'll post bout Hubble instead.

sixth, and also lastly, I'm going to watch Running Man ep. 79 as Ain told me to do yesterday but I didn't cuz I was watching BLUESTORM online last night (mom says I can't buy the DVD, therefore this is my last resort). also maybe if I'm not too tired maybe I'll continue Listen to the CNBLUE concert I was watching this afternoon but failed cuz I was too tired. saving 392 for the last ;)


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