Monday, February 13, 2012

friendship poem.

I wonder if I'm the only one who remembers.

well last week our English teacher told us to write a poem about friendship, or search one up in the internet. I can only think of J. I couldn't find one that I could really relate to, since J was probably one of a few friendship problems I had, so I wrote the poem. sort of.

Red skies cloud over me.
Guilt rains down and I can't do anything but run
running from the truth
that I had done you wrong.

You yell at me to stop
you tell me the rain has ended
and the sky had turned blue again.
Why don't you run after me
if you really mean it?
How do I know when I can come back
without being poured,
drenched in the mistakes I've done?

I'm sorry I messed up.
I hope you know it's only because I care.
Time passes as the rain take its time to stop.
It won't until you have fully forgiven me
forgiven me enough to reach out and pull me under the blue skies.
-Lynn M.

I hope it doesn't sound too emo ><"

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