Sunday, February 19, 2012

funny thing, the future.

a prediction about, a website that posts K-POP news, 24/7 - literally. they post about almost anything from tweets to what they wore in airports to new MVs.
see, I found a number of emotions in this post. Mostly humour, but in the end I felt kinda sad.

first box - one of the most humourous. it is annoying, ya know. Hubble sincerely thinks each member will be getting 10 teasers each, so 120 teasers for EXO! == Kai already reached 9, or maybe more I haven't been noticing, so I wonder if Kai's gonna be the only highlight in EXO, like most Boyfriend MVs where they highlight mostly the maknae line. oh yeah, I forgot to mention Kai's the maknae and the leader. I mean, of course I have no real problem with this, our leader Sya is in the maknae line too, but in sense of respect to elders which is quite a big thing in Korea (just look at the amount of honourifics they have), it seems funny, don't you think?
seriously, if EXO doesn't debut by March I'm seriously considering becoming a SMent anti.

second box - this brings me joy. U-Kiss had been in the industry ever since 2008 and they had never won number 1 in any music show, at all. I think the highest they got was 3rd with Neverland (or maybe some other song, I was a fan only from Shut Up) so seeing this made me smile. K-POP fans all know that U-Kiss had only been out of luck, maybe released the songs a bit too early or too slow, having to compete with other artists. they're songs are awesome, we all know that. they deserve to win.

third box - since it was the last, it struck me the most. I forgot, that every Korean male have to enter the army at the age of 20-30, even if you're a lil late like Hyunbin (he entered just recently at the age of 31). and imagining adorable, girly Sungjong in the army... it makes me sad.
it also reminds me that all the skinny guys I see now would buff up some day, like Donghae and Kim Jonghyun. even Taemin has the possibility of gaining more weight as he gets older.

and also, it reminds me that Jonghyun only has 7-8 years left, in which at a time, for a period of two years he has to go for military service.
dammit, Jonghyun, you better take good care of yourself.

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