Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I say, you got the wrong number.

today we had a program where we had to sit in the hall and listen to mature speeches, which I'm not really up to, since I'm in a state where I can't prioritize between going online and finishing my karangan, but went through with anyway - with the help of Catching Fire, of course. I wouldn't be able to sit straight from dozing off if I didn't have that saviour of a book.

in the morning we all knew that we wouldn't be doing much learning anyway, what with it starting off with us giving away our chairs for the hall. Ika asked "How are we supposed to sit?" I didn't get her question for awhile until we got to class and there were no choice but to either sit on the floor or on the table or stand up. I decided to go into my book and sit by the door when a prefect told us to go to the library. it was supposed to be PJK, but I guess teacher could sense that we're not into getting sweating today.

afterwards we did an experiment during Bio, very short but good enough. which reminds me to call Ika and remind her to bring a potato tomorrow. when we were told to sit under the tents the first thing I notice is the tables with other schools' name on it. when I sit down I notice the Sri Utama students on our right. why didn't I figure out that there was gonna be other schools? I prepared only to sleep and read and eat, not to stare down on cute guys and possibly making conversation if I knew any of them, which brings more preparation like shaving (it affects our odour, people!) or cleansing my face or sleeping early so that I wouldn't have eyebags.

after our 'breakfast' (it was just a Gardenia bun, although people from District 12 would've appreciated it well) that they gave in bags along with a notebook and I suppose others had a water of bottle but mine didn't have it. it's okay though, I brought my water bottle. and also the book so the bag helped me carry those. took sometime to find seats for eight in a row, so in the end we had to sit separately, but thankfully 4 by 4 and we were just in front/back of the other. the funny part was when we weren't sure where to sit (the space for our school didn't have enough seats so some of us had to sit at the back) and while we were walking suddenly Pn. Ngau was scolding us, telling us not to step on the red carpet. I saw her waving around a red and white container and when I saw the half-eaten sandwich inside, me and Ili immediately laughed. that's Shahira's tupperware. she was gonna hit someone with, I swear. when Pn. Ngau was out of sight all of were laughing our guts out.

the row in front of mine was supposed to be for Sri Utama students, and all I was hoping for was that girls would be sitting in front of me, and yet the wish was not fulfilled. thankfully the people in front of me weren't so tall, one of them might be just around Ili's height, but they were type of guys who gave unnecessary comments loudly. although most of the time, at least they weren't noisy. just chatted once in awhile among themselves and they didn't disturb the speeches. and some of the comments although rude I find quite funny. just, not to laugh about in official events like this.

Eva and I were passing a paper earlier in the event, discussing a parody for Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound. as expected, it was about food. it turned out quite good, actually. Eva said she wants to put it in YouTube. then I had an idea just now about making a video for it. like we can just buy the kuey teow at canteen and the window scene can be from a class. was about to suggest the cabin class but then I remember all the grills. it would be so fun >w<

I remember during the speech about Islam the guy stressed on the words 'Gay, lesbian, bisexual' and the guys probably from BB started hooting. I frowned. masalah ke diorang ni? mentally challenged? these people are Dr.s, professors, not your seni teacher. the guy who was giving the speech mentioned "Sebelum ni tak ada pula tepuk tangan, agaknya budak-budak sekarang ni memang suka benda-benda macam ni." which, to me, means that he got the impression that PJ students are really of low quality. I could have facepalmed then and there. dammit I wasn't listening to the speech neither but at least keep quiet and pretend like you take this seriously.

had lunch. the place was so crowded, Ika and I walked rounds just to search for Ain, Ili and Shahira. although I saw Shahira went to take her beaten-out sandwich, I expected her to come back but she didn't. found them in the gazebo and discussed whether we were eating or not. decided some of us are eating, but all of us should go anyway, but then discovered that was a bad idea so after they got fruits they went back. I went to the toilet to wash my hands where there were two long lines. most of them were Sri Utama students who had already finished their food. they were complaining bout how small the water is. "Sekolah besar, air kecik.."
bish, there's a thousand plus students in this school all using water at the same time, what do you expect? dah menumpang sekolah orang tu takyah la banyak comment.

finished lunch, went to pray then went back to the hall for another speech. this time the TPM was present. I guess people would be proud to say the TPM visited their school but my reaction to this was neutral. I remember when he got on the stage he raised his hand and waved, smiling democratically. I looked at Ika and  Ika looked at me. both of us cringe. actually slept this time. tried to make sure I don't look stupid by covering my face with my tudung. it's 50% guys here, so kena la jaga image sikit.

when the event ended and the TPM were shaking hands with some of the students, me and Dina stayed behind, not really caring who shook hands with him and who talked to some of the high-positioned people. I remember the cameras' flashes, taking pictures like shooting bullets from a shotgun. this is gonna be in the news, and our school's name is gonna be everywhere. if only more people asked me where I go to school. but hearing that I'm not in a boarding already turns them off from the idea. except for some PJ people my parents know.

when we were allowed to go out and have tea, it was obvious none of us are really that hungry (how can we be? we haven't done anything. unlike prefects who go around making sure the students are behaving. they're always busy bees. I remember Ila not having lunch and had been feeding off a bottle of soya since breakfast.) so we just stood around, looking at people. when suddenly Ashwini the prefect calls out "HAH ELYNA~ COME HERE~" and I'm just like wtf.

I thought she wanted me to do a favour but then she told me to go to teacher and she told me a reporter wanted to take a picture of a group of students from different races. saya mewakili kaum Melayu. muahaha. although I didn't mind taking the picture, I somehow felt bad cuz I'm sure one of my friends would do a better job like Aina or Ain or Shahira since they're so pretty, but then Aina was wearing her KP uniform and Ain and Shahira were nowhere to be found at that moment. so I went along with it. they found an Indian girl from some school then we pulled Regina as the Chinese. I didn't even notice about my appearance when she mentioned how bad she looks. I fidgeted my tudung.

later came two Chinese students, one girl another a guy prefect. I didn't get a good look at his face when the photographer instructed he only needed one and the girl left, leaving the guy squeezing behind me. it was incredibly uncomfortable. I don't know that guy, nor know how he looks like and he's leaning on my arm like we're pals. later Arshvina joined us just to fill in the spaces. we were supposed to look at a brochure and act natural. totally not natural (obviously). I didn't know any of them well enough to make a decent joke, so all that's left was commenting awkwardly about the brochure. I felt like dying.
then we were supposed to talk to each other 'comfortably'. it ended up only the guy and Arshvina asking each other's names. I noticed some of the girls are actually making new friends and not just talking to guys they know, so this must be how it starts off. and here I am, an awkward penguin who wouldn't even talk to her old schoolmates.

later we were asked to write our names. and I noticed the guy was cute. the nerdy type of cute, I guess. then Nuryn pulled me over and said she was drooling over a hot reporter the whole hour and I'm just like "I think I know who you're talking bout ;D" when Nuryn pulled me behind him to stalk him Ili, Ain and Shahira were already there, stalking him first. Nuryn said she already put dibs on him. when we told Ika and Ida they just called us desperados. =3=

a bunch of us were holding balloons and Ida was one of them. suddenly we hear a girl's balloon pop, leaving her with only two. Ika told Ida to just give hers to the girl, and since the balloon was with me (am I just the most awkwardest penguin or what?) I threw it to the back, hoping somehow the girl gets the idea that it was meant for her. but it didn't go to the girl (hold yourselves) instead it hit the guy who was with me in the picture in the face -insertepicfacepalmhere- apparently I can get more embarrassing than this. just, not today. that was probably the most embarrassing for today.

so we gave the balloons to the girl after apologizing to the guy >//////< Ida got immediate replacements but they were filled with helium, and Jia Yi were showing us how they played with helium. her voice got squeakier, and Eva told me hers went up to sounding like a chipmunk >w< it would've been so cute~ I wanna hear.

so moving on to who I met - or maybe I should say saw. first was Sree and Shahfri, coming from Samad. then I saw Jes (Samad), Timothy (BB), Bazil (Samad), that guy that likes to sit with girls in tuition (BB) and Arshad (not sure), in no particular order. I thought I saw a girl who looks like Joy but she was from Sri Utama so I was wrong. during lunch saw Lip Jun (BB) and Yen Peng, a choir senior (she played the piano) who's in form 6 at BB now. actually saw quite a number of SSPians in BB or Samad but I either never had spoken to them or don't remember their names. some of them got thinner, some are still as fat as before, some looked more nerdy, some got a lot taller.

I think my group was more hyped about Arshad. we literally teased Ain all the way. Bazil passing by? "AIINN, OHH AINN" Arshad coming to talk to her? give way for the boy. Ain is practically the most popular one in our group, so we make use of it as much as possible for entertainment. sorry Ain ><" sometimes I pity that boy. everyone knows him yet he can't say a full sentence to Ain. sigh.

got home, hit the bed. just when I thought I caught up with sleep, now I've just wasted about four hours. what's gonna happen to me T T

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