Sunday, February 5, 2012

just because I'm bored.

I really need to talk to Sya right now, but she's not online, nor is her phone fixed so. asdfghjkl. I'm going crazy.

Jonghyun likes the lyrics of this song. Yup call me stalker.

my fav part:
"My favorite food is fried chicken
Oh, and also my mom’s homemade chicken with ankake sauce,
But neither of them can win, neither rival you.
If you were the meal, then I could have
50 helpings of donburi - though if I say that,
You’ll say something like “well then, try it,”
But that was all just a metaphor.
Well if I’m told to do it, since I’m a man,
Since Furano is cold, since I like you,
Since I want you to understand me just a little bit…
By the way, I don’t mean anything weird by “meal,” so don’t hate me, okay?"

so cute~~

Seeing Taecyeon like this makes me laugh. He looks so adorable looking nervously at those girls~~



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