Tuesday, February 28, 2012

just 'cause.

when I was watching this the video was just released and the comments were just pouring on. This song caught my ear more than Blue, probably because that song was so fragile. At least this one has a beat. The music video reminds me of Love Song, the whole thing so complex.


I guess I should start updating too. Next week's the March test and I'm starting to understand subjects that had been hard on me like Physics. subjects that I understand in class but don't know if I can apply it in exams, Add-Maths and Mod-Maths. subjects that require a lot of reading, Bio, Agama and Sejarah. what's left? Chemistry was a lot about calculations, BM, BI.. gotten used to writing a lot.. just wonder if I'll make it in time.. no test for Lit, but there's sivik which I think is a waste of time, since it's the only subject left on Friday. I can predict how the class will look like on Friday. for sure there will be a huddle of students who's taking accounts, discussing last minute things. Everyone else will do their own business. Me and Ika, and maybe Maryam will join in will try to study sivik but end up talking about something else.

I haven't been able to practice piano a lot, but that's not really a problem. the bigger problem is my theory. I managed to finish up my homework on Saturdays before, but this Saturday I'll be occupied the whole day, and I'll be busy studying too so I'll try to slit it in somewhere. The exam's in June, I don't know if I'm ready. I guess I can pass but getting A is always better, and that requires 86 and above, which I haven't got in the pass year questions so. /bricked/

I have a bunch of other things to do, or maybe I should say want to do, but I'll just push it all for the March holidays. I don't think it'll be enough ><"


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